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Welcome to the discoveries of Sanjay as he explores himself and the world… hope you like it here during your visits and find something fun or useful (or both!) here

Apart from working as an engineer who develops computer software, I also do some writing about everything in general and Life in particular, and you’re welcome to browse through my online journal entries. I like to think of myself as a student of Life, and this journal as a thesis, where you the reader are the professors welcome to give your views!

Sanjay’s Journal

This site isn’t really about me … its about ordinary + extraordinary information that I’ve come across from various sources, and also a few of my own thoughts which I would like to share with you.

It has taken years to collect all this information, so do not expect to read everything in one day! Look at what interests you and ignore the rest. In technical terms, it is only a collection of “data” out of which you can extract whatever information you see in it.

More statistics…

A list of posts by another blogger Suresh Gundappa that he’s generously shared by means of a ‘widget’… 8)

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Just for fun… phases of the moon…

Not to the point of being obsessed of course, but why is it relevant to keep in touch with the moon?