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I’d read the book Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy during college days as well and had a laugh riot. But reading them recently after a many years I laughed again, but the books had an astonishing depth I’d never perceived before! I wondered why…

Found some explanation for it in this article Lament for Douglas by Richard Dawkins which is more than just a lament. Apart from other things, it also reveals some things about the author… for example this part when Dawkins met Douglas:

> Obviously I knew he would be funny. What I didn’t know was how deeply
> read he was in science. I should have guessed, for you can’t understand
> many of the jokes in Hitchhiker if you don’t know a lot of advanced
> science.

To “summarise the summary” – if one’s knowledge of science has improved over
the years, then one should consider reading H2G2 again 🙂 I might consider reading it once more after a few years.

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    […] Adams though a master of satire actually had a sound in-depth knowledge of physics, particularly chaos theory. He’s expressed this in several if not every one of his books: […]

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