cartoon: living forever

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Living Forever by Peter Reynolds

I wrote “Living Forever” in a coffee shop in the spring of ’97. I had been thinking about how wonderful it would be to meet children’s book author and illustrator, William Steig, but I wondered why he would want to be bothered to speak to me. Like a bolt of lightning I realized why. The idea just flowed out of me nonstop. I composed and drew it on napkins. I decided not to redraw them, rather to scan them in as is.

I am a strong believer in mentorship and sharing our gift with others.

–Peter Reynolds

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  1. Suresh Panje Says:

    A nice narration to depict how a cartoonist/artist adds value to a narration through whatever means readily available.
    Incidentally, for over a year I was associated with Children’s Book Trust (founded by the one and only Shankar Pillai) as an editor during 2004-05 where I happened to interact with artists and learn how their creative caricatures lend a new life to every other story. So much so, Children’s World, the monthly published by CBT had illustration on every page. Subir Roy, the chief artist taught me a lot about the layout of a page vis-a-vis illustrations and pictures, particularly the placements. Truly he is a master in illustrations and also cartooning, an asset to CBT.
    It is said that a cartoon and even a picture is as good as 2000 worded article. Believe me, the first thing which most of the readers of newspapers scan happens to be the cartoon.
    In this context I am reminded of a tabloid published from Bangalore named KIDI. It was full of cartoons and witty articles. And at the national level, Shankar’s Weekly had no parallel, probably the sole exception being PUNCH the British publication that was available at a whopping price of Rs.5 (during late ‘50s and early ‘60s).
    Well, personally, I am a great fan of cartoons and I am proud to say Ajit Ninan and R Prasad (formerly of Business Standard and presently with Outlook magazine) are my personal friends and often I exchange ideas with them. While R K Laxman is the doyen, one must not forget other cartoonists such as Sudhir Tailang, Sudhir Dar, Rajinder Puri, Keshav, Unny, Jayanto, Sourabh. Ranganath, popularly known as Ranga was par excellence when it came to ‘on the spot’ caricature of VIPS. Ranga’s one line sketch of Gandhi is well known even today. Deccan Herald had a cartoonist named Murthi whose Mr.Citizen was a popular front page feature of the daily. I was told that he is also no more.

    Suresh Panje
    New Delhi

  2. Sanjay M Says:

    you seem to have such a colorful background Suresh, it reflects in all your interesting comments! yeah I’m one of the readers who looks at the cartoons first most of the time 🙂 One line sketch I think you are referring to the ad that said “Simplicity is the greatness of this man” wow didnt know the artist till now… wow! Thanks

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