Driving On The Road Not Taken

The third story published on Sulekha so far…

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  1. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    Each one is a very well narrated story. But loved the first one(Driving…) the best.

    Driving on the road not taken: The story brought tears in my eyes.

    Swimming towards freedom: Determination, dedication and Discipline matters.

    The mountain: Most people don’t even notice the simple pleasures in life, let alone enjoy it.

  2. msanjay Says:

    Thanks a lot for your comments Bellur!

    Btw all these stories are based on incidents in real life rolled into a story. Really someone accosted me in a dark and lonely road near Mumbai airport (though I merely talked my way out and bought some time – though at that time I hadn’t learnt any martial arts 😉 ) If you see the comments in Sulekha, some reader actually could guess that I was taling about Aikido – which indeed is what the martial arts part is about! 8)

    Esp the swimming one is completely real to most of the details, very less fiction in it.

    The Mountain is the most fictional story. Apart from your observations, the mountain story also indicates that its almost impossible to convey the idea to anyone who hasn’t seen the mountain… eg in the movie Contact, look at the comments by the astronaut after she returns from her inter-galactic journey :mrgreen:

  3. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    You are a legend, I say!

  4. msanjay Says:

    Thanks Bellur but nothing of that sort 🙂 Not a matter of humility or something but as a matter of fact, I think plenty of people go through all that kind of thing, just that I’ve written about it. In any case, they’re all old stories… nothing more than mere memories. The only thing that matters is what one does today, which hasn’t been much really – today and all this week so far I’ve been in long meetings with our customer from France… trying not to spill the drops of oil… 😉

  5. msanjay Says:

    Btw Sulekha has messed up the URLs after revamping its site and there has been no response from their support. So I must try and recover my stories and publish them somewhere here myself.

  6. msanjay Says:

    Swimming Towards Freedom

    Driving On The Road Not Taken

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