how tired are you today?

More tyred than this guy? 😉

really tyred

Kichu Krishnan had asked this question – when you reach home in the evening, how tired are you? And he talked about a typical scene that I could at that time easily relate to.

I used to be a workaholic, and when I went home I was so tired I'd just ring the doorbell, and someone from my family opens the door, and I just walk – er kind of drag myself in past them as if they didn't exist… maybe a few cursory exchange of words… go into my room or some place where I can just dump my belongings… then just plop in front of the TV or eat something… this was a typical evening.

Kichu went on to ask another question – what have you really done all day to be so tired?

[Its certainly much easier to watch television, to follow a cricket match score, and to urge someone to do something better that we ourselves are not doing. I think it takes courage to be able to answer ordinary simple questions like that to oneself which were being fired like missiles at the audience. Since you're reading this site compared to all the other much more interesting material on the net, you're quite likely to be a courageous person 😉 ]

So I was sitting there listening to these talk and asking myself these questions The initial reaction of course was – WHAT KIND OF A STUPID QUESTION IS THAT?? OBVIOUSLY I'VE BEEN WORKING HARD THE WHOLE DAY AND SO I'M EXHAUSTED…!

But considering my actual physical activity the entire day and contemplating silently about the question further made me doubt my immediate answer, and opened my mind up a bit…

Kichu went on to say – have you watched children – do they ever get tired? They keep playing the entire day… where do they get all that energy from?

And it was indeed true.

We too were children earlier, what happened to us, what difference is there between then and now? Kichu essentially spoke about how that same INFINITE ENERGY is available to us all the time, just that we are not in touch with it. Of course I don't remember the details – but I realised beyond any doubt the truth of his words.

And over the years, whenever I got tired or exhausted either from work or on a walk or a trek… I found that just recalling that idea snaps me out of the delusion "I am tired" and really invigorates me! Consequently I found that one's limits are far greater than what one may perceive! Whenever I came home from outside, I automatically happened to remember this and was usually cheerful and fresh. Even if I was really tired, not very often did the tiredness affect my mood.

This is not about some kind of positive thinking where I try to convince myself that I am not tired even when I am not 🙄 Its more about the real rather than just perceived fact – the fact may well be that I am really tired and my body does need rest (and then one can accept it, either try to get some rest if possible, or try to push my limits depending on the situation). The idea is about not falling into the trap of self-pity 🙂 That even with extensive activity, its possible to stay relaxed internally.

Years later as I happened to by some fluke of fortune get in touch with the idea of sitting in silence – looking not outside but inside, Kichu's simple idea yet most easily forgotten idea made so much more sense 😎

4 Responses to “how tired are you today?”

  1. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Fantastic post Sanjay.
    I wonder if ladies answers the same question with different zest? Obviously, working continuously for long hours make us feel tired. Suresh says, do what ever you enjoy and don’t consider that as your job or such thing, then you would succeed 100% and the enthusiasm remains high and the energy doesn’t get exhausted.

    That picture is quite funny.. nice one.

  2. praneshachar Says:

    veena how man/woman takes it is not the issue when you enjoy your work even if u r tired u r not exhausted you feel pride for having done the work and completed the task etc., but the picture clearly shows the man is sweating it out or you can see the people working in core industries for ex steel plant where they work in high temeperatures and in coal mines etc., where they work undergorund they really get exhausted at the end of the day it is hazardous work too. they are exposed to lot of risks at work place.
    sanjay a good post an eye opened for many and keep going

  3. msanjay Says:

    Thanks Veena yeah thats true most of the time sometimes what happens with me is I enjoy the work and I end up spending too much time on it and neglecting other things 🙂 and then even though I’m succesful the success becomes less tangible. But by and large I can relate to your/Suresh’s view.

    Interesting counter-point praneshavare, I guess its quite hard to speculate how much those working in extreme hazardous conditions might be able to adopt this perspective.

  4. raghav Says:

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