independence day – not just another holiday any more

This was a highlight in a mail from Today’s Kagga, which I feel is indeed true… Consider this movement for example…

The Design for Giving Challenge is a contest applicable for kids between 10 to 13.. Interview with school kids…

This video and movement reminds me of a really thought provoking movie…

A social studies teacher asks some tough questions in his first class: “What does the world expect of you?” Someone answers “Nothing” – yes absolutely correct, the world will get on without us! 🙂 And then he further questions that when the students are through with school after graduation and face the world, What if the world turns out to be a big disappointment?

Here’s Trevor’s (Kevin Spacey, yeah same kid from Sixth Sense) explanation of an idea the next day…

A more detailed trailer of the same movie: Pay It Forward

A cool tool to actually implement this idea: Smile Cards! Smile Cards!

A nice Kannada song.

Ricky Kej’s Nee Badalaadare. Kannada Patriotic Video song where All singers come together! Thanks to Ramesh Aravind. Singers : B Jayashree , Rajesh Krishnan , Hemanth , L N Shastry, Avinash Chebbi,…

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  1. Gopal Says:

    That was for me one of those moments where I got to taste again an inspiring class from school! Thanks for sharing Sanjay.

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