not taken for a ride

Just felt I must share this information with readers here – a brief note to say that yesterday evening I was able to give a gift to my one single girlfriend of this lifetime – a Kinetic Blazer scooter gifted from Radio City for answering where I live.

I’d replied “Malleswaram, the mal of Malgudi Days and the most Bangalore part of Bangalore” :mrgreen: Had heard somewhere that R K Narayan (brother of R K Laxman, creator of the “common man” cartoon!) had based his fictional place Malgudi on two of the oldest places of Bangalore – Malleswaram and Basavangudi.

This is the third time I’m winning something on RadioCity. The second time was a few days ago, though I’d sent an SMS when I was in the van on the way, when they called back, I was already in office, in a meeting. I “renounced” the prize because I decided (wasn’t an easy decision, since the prize was a few thousand rupees worth) not to take the call then. Later on I tried calling them back but that didn’t work. First time was during Ugadi.

So with a hatrick, I hereby open-source what I believe is probably a good formula for happening to win: don’t just send an answer but go the extra mile – be creative in presenting it – think beyond the obvious – also share some extra information if possible!

I think in this case it was also a draw among similar selected winners.

Yesterday evening, it was a good feeling to get on stage with cameras flashing and 6 floors of people inside Garuda Mall cheering. I was permitted to call my wife on stage as well. Real happiness lies in giving and I thank RadioCity for giving me an opportunity to give something to my wife… I announced that it was a gift for her – after all she really needed a bike! 🙂

Congrats to Radiocity for their fifth birthday in Bangalore! 🙂 Great they’re airing more Kannada songs as well!


So there I was, on the stage almost like some sort of a star – under floodlights with cameras flashing, along with a lot of the RJs from RadioCity all very wholeheartedly and enthusiastically congradulating me. I felt they all got real happiness in making others happy! That was one nice moment of glory. Somehow at some corner of my mind I also felt all the other people who’d come there with the same hope as me were disappointed as well. Anyway, the host wrapped up the show and they all started to wind up. One of the RJs – Rohit I think – called me into the temporary studio they had built there to come online on the radio. We would then probably be collecting the scooter.

Suddenly the situation totally changed.

There were some loud noises and slogan shouting outside the mall. There was some group of protestors launching an attack… the whole mob inside started running helter skelter panicking. I heard the sounds of things breaking… becoming louder and louder… everyone was running… A slight terror slowly seized me… there was serious trouble as the sounds became louder and people started screaming a bit and running out of the back door of the mall.

I had seen live mob fury before but only to a small, almost negligible extent. I’d only seen it more on TV and all those memories of stampedes and bleeding foreheads and crippled bodies flashed in my mind. Though for the past few moments it had been panic and noise – I was seized with the fear of stones flying around maybe some of them hurled towards my head, glass pieces shattering – I had to run… run for safety! Started running…


The panic all around was still continuing. But there was this one moment – it seemed like someone had pressed a “Pause” button. I just stopped in my tracks. The fear was still there that I’d get hit by stones and flying glass… But it didn’t matter any more. I was amidst a frenzied mob, but I was alone.

Looking… searching… for her…

There was this quiet relief – there she was – around 15 feet away – people running between us. She was standing still. In a few moments, she spotted me and quickly weaved through the crowd. It was as if the “Play” button got pressed again… by now the panic in my mind had dissipated, hand in hand, we ran together.

We went towards the back door of the mall… everyone was running out but I didn’t want to follow them blindly, what was the assurance of safety there? Turned towards the lift, some went in and the door was still open for us, but it felt far too claustrophobic. Finally ran up the escalator stairs.

While running upstairs, could see a lot of people in the distance near the stage wearing orange scarfs – they were tearing down the stage and the studio. Soon we realised that the noise was subsiding, and upstairs we cautiously peered over the balcony and saw that everything was quiet again. There was a lot of damage – the stage was completely destroyed and I suppose quite a bit of equipment as well.

And what about the scooter? Half expected it to be totally incinerated… but it was unharmed. Perhaps this was due to a grand red car kept there just for show – its windows were broken. Looked around and when we looked back, the scooter had gone, probably taken to safety. We went down again – the entire RadioCity staff had disappeared except one or two. They didn’t seem to need our offer of any help. One of them told me that I might still come online but later on decided it wasn’t possible and that I’d eventually get the scooter but not be able to ride it away as planned earlier.

This morning, on the way to office, one of my colleagues in the van after hearing the story told me – didn’t the mob catch you and beat you up saying “nODi, avane geddiddu, tadakri naalakku avanige” (“look he’s the winner… give him a few beatings”) and I replied that I was glad that he hadn’t been part of the mob to give them the idea! 😉

Did get a call from RadioCity this morning, came online for only a few moments and could publicly thank them that it was a really timely gift 😀

12 Responses to “not taken for a ride”

  1. Srik Says:

    Congrats Sanjay. Your answers have won you these awards.
    Keep it up.

  2. usha Says:

    Congratulations Sanjay and Vijetha…..

    Happy riding…

  3. Praveen Says:

    Congrats Sanjay…. Namge Treat illva ???

  4. Jigar Says:

    You should consider doing this as a full time job. Think about it, the returns are too tempting.. not the least of which is not having to brave our great roads everyday day afer day afer day 🙂

  5. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Congrats Sanjay, There is something in you which really pulls me up to do something everytime i read your comments. Keep it up

  6. Sanjay Says:

    Thanks so much everyone for all your good wishes. Praveen treat kodsoNa banni 🙂 Oh Jigar I bet the moment I start relying on it for a full time job that will be the end of everything so I’m sticking to my current job for now 😉 Prasanna really nice to read your message – makes blogging worthwhile 🙂

  7. msanjay Says:

    With our logical mind we think that anything that happens to us is the result of this particular thing or that… example I think that because of my SMS I won a bike. That is of course obviously true, but there is more beyond the obvious… beyond the limits of my very limited intellect…

    I remember a story related by one of my teachers. I don’t remember the exact details but just the gist, so its not to be taken too literally…

    Someone comes for alms at the house of a rich man. The man is miserly and as usual ignores the person. His daughter-in-law who is very generous by nature, tells the person ‘no point in waiting here, we ourselves are eating stale food’. The rich man admonishes her saying “I’m such a rich man eating such high quality food, how can you say such a thing!” She replies “Whatever food we’ve got is because of dana we’d made long ago. But because we’ve not done anything
    for so long, hence our food is stale!” and the miserly man gets the point 🙂

  8. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    “Adventures of Sanjay” antha book bari guru!
    Congrats to you and vijetha! Jummmmmmm antha odadi ibbru!

  9. Aruna Says:

    Congratulations to you on your grand winning. You are really talented and you certainly deserve it. More importantly, I am glad you both were ok. Sounds scary.

  10. msanjay Says:

    heh heh adhe ee blog, RK – thanks! Thanks a lot Arunakka – yeah I guess it could’ve been worse… anyway good that nothing happened.

  11. msanjay Says:

    Btw I got another prize recently a week or so ago. They asked a question: which part of a cow sweats? Options were nose, hooves or tail.

    And I just made a guess it was probably the nose, and sent the reply “nose but not to be confused with a cow with a cold” 🙂 And this got me a goody bag which Vijetha picked up later… it was a nice orange colored bag with two litres of Mirinda and two nice white t-shirts in it (with only a small Mirinda logo).

    And then I called up my friend Jigar to tell him about it, and first he started talking about the bombing in Mumbai, it was that day… he started talking about the devastating blood-soaked scenes of misery he was seeing on TV. I was quite shaken, no idea something like that had happened… and after a while he asked me what I’d called about. Then I was wondering what’s the point in telling him, it seemed to be such a trivial thing now… but told him anyway…

  12. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    i remembered you narrating the contents of this post over phone. yella silkworm mahime!

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