procession at Malleswaram

Procession at Malleswaram 18th Cross Ganesha temple this evening (TN Seetharam was a special guest though as I was watching the procession, didn’t go near the dias where I could’ve probably seen him).

Just by chance I happened to end up at the right place at the right time, the timing was perfect to get in the midst of all the crowd and take these video clips. Thoroughly enjoyed myself taking these videos. [definitely want to take up journalism someday :mrgreen:] Hope you like them as well!

Each of these are hardly a couple of minutes and shouldn’t take too long to download.

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  1. Srik Says:

    Theres a new concept called citizen journalism, we can all be a part of it just by sheer interest. If we have something interesting like this to share, we can do it by donating our little time and energy in it.

    Good work and all the best!!

  2. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    my son and my sisters loved seeing this meravanige. narayan loved the kunitha and in his words, the dumm-dumm-dumm’!
    thanks for the videos.
    (it is ‘Procession at Malleswaram 17th Cross Ganesha temple)

  3. msanjay Says:

    Thats nice srik I think if TV goes the way the internet has gone (or if they merge – we have so many attempts of that happening every now and then though nothing has really taken off so far). Then we would find a lot more of such things happening!

    Bellur tried to reach you that day but didnt succeed, but glad that atleast your son didnt miss it! 🙂

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