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Finally catching up with a long-procrastinated tag by Destination Infinity for Kannada… This was a real fun excercise I did along with my mom… hope you enjoy these Kannada song selection! 🙂

These two are my all time favorites…

Passing this tag on to Bellur, Shruthi, Veena, Prashanth, Srik, and the young (at heart) blogger Tiger Pran! Remember the tag says “You may or may not link the songs – Don’t worry, we’ll Google or YouTube it! ” So as time/convenience permit, you could simply just list your vavorite songs, or even go on to linking to it and including a brief note on background/interpretation/lyrics/translation! Suggestion: you could specialise in any particular class like old/recent/devotional/instrumental/etc.


Going by law of inertia, set in motion it was pretty hard to stop at 10, so here are a few more… 😉

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  1. Destination Infinity Says:

    Nadamaya – was the one which i liked the most. Then I liked the jothiyale jothijothiale song. And both the songs from bandhana were good. Thanks for doing the tag, some more into my collection 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  2. Pushpa Says:

    Sanjay.namaste…have been following your blog since a long time..as always, liked this one too… nimge by any chance ‘Saisuthe’ avra novels online odakke elli sigathe antha gotha??? Would appreciate if you could pass on any related URls. Thanks.



  3. Sanjay M Says:

    Namaste Pushpa! I searched google and found this online discussion where they mentioned this link:

    Digital Library of India

    One post says…

    Hi Kala

    Just check the digital library. Few books are added now. It is quite difficult to search the books by author’s name. wherever LANGUAGE. LINGUISTICS. LITERATURE is mentioned below the books name, those are novels. I am mentioning few authors names just copy this and paste it in Authors name box, select language as kannada and search. you can find few books of these authors.

    raajaa chen’d’uura
    si en muktaa
    saritaa jnnaanaanan’da
    saritaa jnaanaanan’da
    reikhaa kaakha n’d’aki
    naa d’isooja
    kamalaa han’panaa
    kamala hemmige
    ech ke anasuuya san’pat
    d’aa ke e ashook pai
    bi vi anan’taraam


    but I was unsuccesful in the search for saayisute, you could try your luck with different variations of the spelling. Also you could post your query in Sampada.net or Kannada forum on Orkut, or on Mukthabalaga, which are all quite interactive with many readers. You can also have a look at this thread on Kannada Audio forum which has a link to Kannada Sahitya.com

    Btw here’s Dhoni’s collection of Hindi songs…

  4. Gangadhar Says:

    Off the topic, Sanjay..
    Please join the discussion here,


  5. Pushpa Says:

    Thanks for your reply.I did try searching by various combinations, but to no avail.

    I even tried Kannadastore.com to buy her novels online, but then again no luck. Ankita book house avru overseas ship maadalvanthe books na.

    Anyway, thanks for your reply and once again, you are a very good blogger!



  6. Sanjay M Says:

    If you really like, just email me titles of books you want and your address and I can get them and post them to you. Will let you know the charges and we can arrange any paypal kind of mechanism. Of course I can also see if anyone I know happen to be travelling to where you are and can send it through them maybe. I enquired in Ankita book house (Gandhinagar) and they said they could only deliver within the city, not outside.

  7. Pushpa Says:

    I Know.. houdu Sanjay.. Ankita avru bari India olge matra deliver maadtare…I totally appreciate your helping nature, Sanjay. Nange nim email ID idre kalsi, please…so that I can email you with all the details.Thanks once again.

  8. Prathibha Says:

    Hi Sanjay,

    Nice to see u again; hope you remember me, when I saw your blog again, after moved out of HP (since almost 2+ yrs) thougt of replying u again. Nice to see your postings :). I really miss hp news groups here 🙁


  9. Sanjay M Says:

    hey Prathibha great to hear from you! Yeah didn’t we discuss about some Kannada novels… yeah NG was something I guess nothing quite like it anywhere else! 🙂

  10. Prathibha Says:

    hmm right, we discussed about S L Bhairappa’s novels. How are things at you, where are u now?


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