this full moon night…

Dear all, I’d marked full moon nights in my Google calendar, and this time just thought it would be not a bad idea to try out a group sitting in silence…

Its traditional to observe silence for someone who is departed, but why not do the same those who are alive! (Including oneself 🙂 ) So let us observe silence for one hour this full moon night!

How you observe silence, sitting in some corner or staring at the moon, is up to you, but the idea is to just be with yourself – awake and at peace.

So much of energy we conserve during silence (which we’d have otherwise spent on watching TV, chatting, tossing around in bed trying to sleep, etc!) Lets use this energy to pray with all our heart for well being of every single child in the world, as if the child was one’s own!

Lets honor all the children of the world, and pray that they get food, shelter, medical care and good education, loving care and attention, and  in the midst of this complex world, they somehow find their way to peace and love!

There is a quote…

“As a mother would risk her own life
to protect her only baby child, exactly so
should one cultivate Universal Friendliness,
towards all sentient beings without exception!”

Core time would be 11 PM to 12 AM. But those who are up to it, can try a longer stretch of 10 PM to 1 AM. Well… atleast lets try to make it together during the core time!

Ideally we could all sit together in one physical location – but then there is this line from Jonathan Livingstone Seagull:

“If our friendship depends on things like space and time, then when we finally overcome space and time, we’ve destroyed our own brotherhood! But overcome space, and all we have left is Here. Overcome time, and all we have left is Now. And in the middle of Here and Now, don’t you think that we might see each other once or twice?”

So let us have try this out in spirit – in our own place in whatever time zone we are living in, we will be with others in the same time zone.

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3 Responses to “this full moon night…”

  1. sulochanosho Says:

    A slice of silence too may help cleanse oneself and the world engulfed in non-stop speed and greed.

  2. Sanjay M Says:

    you said it sulochanosho 🙂

  3. Sanjay M Says:

    Yes I did this.

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