where to go during the year-end holidays?

A lot of holidays are coming up with Christmas, New Year, etc. A lot of people already have planned out everything…


…but a lot of others still aren’t very sure…

In the past, I’ve seen that holidays look nice at first, but eventually it starts to get boring. Maybe a one day trip here or there, but then most of the time is spent sleeping and lazing around and time flies by before we know it!

This is just an attempt to express my ideas in somewhat of an excuse for poetry. Not much used to it, but trying it out now on the recommendation of my wife and maybe also after being inspired by some I’d seen earlier

Since childhood, have travelled to several places in India including serious pilgrimage places (Eg some ancient and beautiful temples/churches/dargha in India), as well as scenic and adventurous places – around Bangalore as well as around the world like tough climbs on the Swiss Alps and Welsh (UK) Mountains.

For example, different views of Switzerland…

PA100021 PA100222

PA100013 P8010125

P9260078 P9260101


An interesting picture was this one (note the inscription Murali’s reading) This is the view point from where some of the above pictures were taken:


Found that wherever I go,
I have to take myself with me.

Discovered that better to go
to that one and only place
where I learn to live with myself.

And ever since then,
have been able to appreciate beauty –
in any place –
including the midst of a Hosur Road traffic jam.

And that one and only place was,
not surprisingly,
within myself.

Happy Journey, everyone!! 🙂

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