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With all this campaigning about having to vote to excercise one’s right in a democracy, one of the factors of someone educated not wanting to vote for, was that one has no clue about who’s who, and this ends up in a murky generalisation that everybody is useless, and there’s no point in voting either way!

However, this election is being quite different with the extensive use of media and technology. For the first time I’ve even been receiving political SMS’ on my mobile. There are plenty of candidates who are advertising their website URLs and even blogs!

A friend Sridhar is one of those who are responsible for a couple of excellent web sites that provide a major incentive to vote – they contains extensive, objective information on every candidate! One can see clearly how excercising one’s vote is the one thing they can do, to avoid ending up with a leader for example with some major criminal record! 🙄 😯 On the other hand there seem to be some candidates who seem to have quite an interesting and impressive record, and probably I would never have even considered voting for them had I not known some information about them (which I probably wouldn’t have got from any other place!).

Smart Vote – Know your candidate

My Neta

So here’s some homework to do for the coming 23rd of April (for Bangaloreans)! :mrgreen:

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  1. sulochanosho Says:

    A good account on ‘vote value’ there. Our government, our democracy are no different from the way we the people cast our vote. There is a large chunk of so called educated intellectual lazy cozy class of people who are good at advising and criticizing – and these same people hardly get up from their cozy chamber and cast their votes.

    We have a tendency to blame our politicians and ministers on a blnket and taken for granted manner for every ill and ilk of this country. But the simple reality is that our politicians have not come from the heaven up there. They are from our people and land. They are no different from we people. Our politicians and ministers, legislators, members can only be as good as we people. All have a responsibility – especially voicing our concern, honestly casting our vote without any bias or influence played out there. The more we people grow and raise our awareness and consciousness, the better will be our representatives.

  2. raghav Says:


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