come, join us on our morning walk…

Opportunity like a good neighboring park has always there. But so many times we hardly use it by making time to go out for a good walk! Even inside or near offices there is a lot of walking space – so many times I’ve been negligient.

Off late we’ve managed to be quite regular. This morning after some rain it looked so heavenly that couldn’t help slowing down to take a video… so that any reader here can e-join us (but hopefully will be a start for an actual walk sooner or later! 😉 )

The sun occasionally peeping out of the clouds add a magic touch…

After a few brisk rounds, a silent slow mindful walk ‘being with oneself’ in every single step is pretty relaxing yet invigorating start to the day!

On the way back home along the walking path, we happened to meet one of our senior friends who’s wife had been coping with cancer for close to a year. He spoke about how they have been facing it as a family. One thing that really touched me was when he said ‘Last November everything was fine and life seemed so cool and easy. In a way its a good thing that this has happened. Now we take our meditation much more seriously!’. He was a stoic gentleman, having been through a lot of strain in taking care of his wife and managing the household of three kids. His attitude of unflinchingly accepting everything in his stride was truly inspiring.

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  1. Gowri Says:

    Thumba chennagide video. Yaava Park ri idu. I live in the US and would love to take a walk there next time I am in BLR. (provided it is not too far from where we stay in BLR)

  2. Sanjay M Says:

    thanks gowriavare, idu manjunath temple, banashankari bda complex hatra barutte. halavaaru tv serial shooting ille naDithaaide. Current scenes of Muktha Muktha marriage scene ille aithu. Also many conversations in mutthina thoraNa

  3. Suresh Panje Says:

    Dear Sanjay,
    Nice to learn from you that the present day Bangalore aka concrete jungle has spots suitable for morning and evening walks. Unfortunately, when I opened this piece, the visuals were missing. Nonetheless, from your response to Gowri, I could visualise the scenario.
    So one can say, what was once known as the Pensioners’ Paradise and the Garden City of India still prevails vis-a-vis Bangalore.

  4. Sanjay M Says:

    Yeah Suresh there are still some oasis in the concrete desert as well 🙂 Thanks for feedback about visuals – have updated it with youtube so should be ok now.

  5. Sujatha Says:

    Hi Sanjay,
    my comment is unrelated to your current post. I am searching keenly for the spoof of the devotional song , vaara banthamma by Rajkumar. The pathiraayara kareyamma version. My google search turned up only one result, a link to your blog that’s broken. It says the page doesn’t exist anymore. I was introduced to this spoof by a teacher of mine several years ago. can you please email me the song? I have it in a diary, somewhere, back home in Bangalore. If you can send me the song, I’d be grateful. thumba thanks!

  6. Sanjay M Says:

    Hi Sujatha,

    This was a comment made by bellur

    (In the lines of “Poojyaya raaghavendraya satya dharma hithaya cha, bhajatham kalpavrikshaya namatham kaamadhenave” followed by “Vaara Banthamma” sung by Dr.Rajkumar; Anuku geethe by Gundu Rao)
    Vishranthi Kaaranaarthaya Swashareera hithaya cha
    Pathinaam Gruhakaaryani kaarayasya mahasathi

    Vaara banthamma Ravivaara banthamma
    Raayara kareyamma pathiraayara kareyamma
    maneya kelasavanu avarigitthu vishranthi padeyiramma

    1) Bega yelisamma, Thindi-kaafi maadisamma
    Savi ootava Nala raya unisi besarava kalevanamma

    (Vaara banthamma Ravivaara banthamma)
    2) Maneya tholesiramma, Batteya avare vageyalamma
    vaaradinda kale haakidella koley avare tholeyalamma

    (Vaara banthamma Ravivaara banthamma)
    3) Kopa ariyanamma Gandina ghanathe thiliyanamma
    madadi maathige thaleya thoogo basavanna kaaniramma

    (Vaara banthamma Ravivaara banthamma)

    4) Hindebaruvanamma makkala horuvudavana karma
    Madadi makkala seveyalle baalella kalevanamma

    Vaara banthamma Ravivaara banthamma
    Raayara kareyamma pathiraayara kareyamma
    maneya kelasavanu avarigitthu vishranthi padeyiramma

    And Chaityanya added…

    Bellur PUN-ditha re, athyadbhuta vagide ‘vaara bantamma’…! 🙂

    ond question, bhanuvarada kate heegadre, mikka dinada bagge helale illa?
    adakke heegennabahude?
    Vaara banthamma Bhudhavaara(…) banthamma
    Raayara kalisamma pathiraayara kalisamma
    maneya kelasavanu yella haage bittu TV nodiramma
    (neeve idanna continue madidare chenna)

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