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Long long ago, around the time I’d gotten engaged, a kind reader of this site had generously gifted me a Flickr Pro account. I had liberally uploaded tons of my photos. Now that account has expired, and I’m left with most of my photos ‘disabled’ but not deleted.

If any reader out here has any extra flickr accounts, or has deep pockets and could sponsor a common_man flickr account upgrade back to Pro and revive my photos, it would be super cool! Else no problem, sooner or later I’ll have to get round to it anyway.

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  1. Charles Vaz Says:

    Hey Sanjay,
    Please download the “Bulk Flickr Photo Downloader” at

    That way, you can burn your precious photos to DVD and avoid this problem.

    When Yahoo stopped the Photo service and moved accounts to Flickr, many people used this tool to save themselves the “Pro” account.

    Take Care,

  2. Charles Vaz Says:

    Dude, by the way the pictures you posted at your Flickr site are the limit man!!! You use a lot of creativity in taking pictures – although I cannot deny credit to the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT.

    Don’t forget to DVD burn the pictures – they are worth a million !!!

    Take Care,

  3. msanjay Says:

    wow thanks a lot condy – pretty useful link! Thanks will definitely and make a backup – thats definitely a crucial suggestion!

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