move to new URL – phase 2

So atleast I have a working blog, with google ranking still working properly. I’ve fixed the URL  mapping so that google results from my old URL redirect correctly to the new URLs. I also corrected the feedblitz thanks to my friend Sudhee’s intimation. I’m quite happy with the first phase of my migration involving upgrade to the new WordPress 3 with multi site support 🙂

I’m going to be attending the training for the next two days, after which I’ll try to complete the second phase over the weekend. The second phase will involve reimporting the content directly from the database. This is because the current import has lost a lot of stuff like embedded youtube tags etc. Also to put in some better header images on the individual sub sites like and, and also have these header images show up in the root home page

Third phase will be dependent on the final release of WordPress 3. What I’ve currently installed here is the beta. At the time of this writing, WP Release Candidate is out. So I’ll do the third phase once the final version is out – expected this June – when I hope to find some good plugins and themes that support this final version!

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