lets run!

Recently registered for the 10 km marathon in Bangalore (23rd May, Kanteerava Stadium). As I came to know of this run thanks to Omashram Home for the elderly (on facebook), I’m dedicating (see bangalore cares.in) this run for them. The main beneficiary turns out to be myself, as I find the daily practicing for marathon is helping me feel very fit and energetic 8)

My first pathetic practice run yesterday showed me how hopelessly out of shape I currently am, I was pretty much done after just 1 km! 😛 (Tracking using Nokia Sports Tracker on an E71) So this 10 km is a pretty unreasonable thing for me to do! Yesterday evening was kind of negligible. Today’s was marginally somewhat better.

This dedication personally for me will be a nice momento in memory of my (late) beloved Ajji and Tata grandparents whom I grew up with. They were a living example of countless nice values. One thing I learnt as they went through the last years of their life, as a kind of second-hand experience, was the fundamental problem of old age. My grandparents were surrounded by loved ones until their last moments. But others are not so lucky, considering so many elders discarded as liabilities by society. They deserve a better quality of life, and I dream of some day when they will be welcome as an integral part of their families. So this run will be only the beginning of expression of love in action for all our previous generation!

Anyone else joining? Maybe for this or any of the other worthy causes – but of course mainly for the pure fun of it! 😉

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  1. Geeta Shankar Says:

    Thank you very much Sanjay…May God bless your family and yourself with good health and cheer!
    Happy Running!

  2. Sanjay M Says:

    Thanks Geetaji!

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