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3 days I listened to his excellent lecture on Astavakra Gita (he had not charged any money also). The value I got from those 3 days remains unchanged, valuable to me even now. Just the metaphor of not being like a cobbler, but seeing beyond the mere depth of the skin, caused a permanent shift in my world view for the better.

I even now respect him for his vast in-depth knowledge an excellent mental faculty, not too much unlike Vishwanathan Anand being an adept at chess. He is a living example of the well known adage that the teaching is more valuable than the teacher.
I think the media has had a field day distorting and over-dramatising any and every news about him. Initially I remained non-judgemental about him, giving him the benefit of doubt that it may indeed all a conspiracy to defame him by some jobless characters.

Nevertheless I have no doubts now that ex-Swami Nityananda is still unlightened and not yet enlightened, not based on the news, but based on what he himself has been saying.

This particular news article about him wanting back his Rudrakshamala that the police confiscated… complaining they were hurting his “religious sentiments” was pretty funny, considering that he himself has so far hopelessy trampled upon the sentiments of all his followers.

Its suprising that I remember those days, when he shared his story on how he became enlightened which I had noted down

His story on how he became enlightened was pretty interesting – I dont want to start writing that right now as it is this post has become very big. In case I procrastinate endlessly, the summary is that it happened after he gave up and threw away all his beads and photographs and “forgot” his mantras and just relaxed.

Its esp funny when we put his enlightenment story against his current complaint! What wasn’t so funny was the tiger and other animal skins found in his campus, where he seems to want to imitate ancient mythological images, even though owning wild products is illegal now. And he confirms that he was the person in the videos and says it must have all happened when “he was in a trance” which is pretty much like a drunken man disowning responsibility for everything he did after the hangover. The complete opposite of spirituality that he is supposed to be represnting. I just couldn’t believe that after all this there are so many people STILL believing he’s a God man and the source of their bliss or whatever, instead of waking up and just getting on with their life.

This seems to be ample proof of the words of Einstein…

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Particularly this post: When Man messes with GOD! Where the supporter (or devotee?) gleefully attributes the screwups of the CID to the “leela” of the ex-Swami. This makes every criminal who has escaped from the CID a Swami 😆 (Or maybe he did have some psychic power to generate magnetic energy to wipe out the tapes – there are countless TV programs and websites of people with psychic powers. What does it prove in either case? If he was authentic, why can’t he just answer their questions, which he had been very eager to do according to his own website (which btw proclaims: “Your life is powerful enough to make whatever you want as reality” Did he really want all this? 🙂 )

Surprisingly, Nithyananda himself had referenced UG in his talk in Ashtavakra saying that the point of UG is to not run behind enlightenment and make it yet another arcane obsession. He had said that though India revers cricket stars like heroes, he referred to likes of UG as the real heroes of India! Very true, esp when UG says things like…

A guru is one who tells you to throw away all crutches. He would ask you to walk, and he would say that if you fall, you will rise and walk.

What these gurus in the market place do is to sell you some ice packs and provide you with some comforters.

A messiah is the one who leaves a mess behind him in this world.

Seems society now definitely could use a healthy dose of UG! 😉

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