obituary of Sanjay

Bangalore — Sanjay Mysoremutt, 36, died Thursday, June 2, 2011 at Bangalore. He leaves among others, his almost 4 year old jovial son, his affectionate wife, his caring mother and sister, family around the globe and many wonderful friends. He was, arguably not to an unreasonable extent, a gluttonous, slothful, inconsiderate, indifferent, professionally complacent, hypocritical, self-centered fellow, driven by an incessant need for attention and self-gratification. Finally, the miserable bastard kicked the bucket, good riddance! 😉

On June 3rd, some fellow was born and by a wild coincidence had a striking resemblance to the same late Sanjay. Though somewhat over the hill aged 36 to start with, and still haunted by the ghost of his previous existence. there appeared to be remote possibilities that he’s a somewhat better version with a few bug-fixes. He is (relatively) more deeply committed to living an uncluttered, contributive life true to his own heart, and to the pursuit of happiness defined by the harmony of what one thinks, says and does.


Ha ha I hope I haven’t sounded too callous about myself – on the contrary I love life and myself – selfishness, slothfulness and all. I more or less consider myself and each person on the planet, as some internet video had said – ‘perfectly imperfect’ 🙂 However I do wish it was so easy to die each day and be born fresh the next day. I’ve found that a minimum of once a year is a very worthwhile, invaluable consideration!

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