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Old is Gold – Let’s Stand By Them For A Golden Society!

Hi , I am Sanjay M , I pledge to make a difference to this world!!

I wish to collect a sum of Rs 50000/- for
Omashram Trust For The Elderly

My personal appeal

We owe it to the elderly in our society for their past contributions to economy/community! They’re an integral part of our society, and deserve a great quality of life.

I don’t know if I’m yet fit enough with whatever little practice I’ve done so far to run the 10K Marathon in Bangalore.

But for sure I’ve no doubts that I’m going to put in everything I have and more to complete this 10K by run/walk/crawl whatever 😉

It’d be really cool if you could support this cause by contributing generously! Donating through the Appeal Page online is convenient, but around 7% is transaction fees. If you prefer, you can even donate directly via a bank transfer, as per details given on their site. My own grandparents were surrounded by loved ones until their last moments. But others are not so lucky, considering so many elders we see discarded as liabilities by society.

Omashram is an establishment I’d come across by chance on Facebook, (and eventually interacted with some of the organisers) that is striving to give them the value that they deserve. Omashram has established an old age home, that provides comfortable, clean and hygienic boarding and homely lodging facilities, including nursing and medical care. It is an experiment in community living where every member is made to feel at home without the impersonal atmosphere of an old age home.

By contributing to them we can be part of building a healthier, more humane society. It is an invaluable opportunity that helps us confront the inconvenient yet inevitable truth of our own aging process.

One small clarification… I’m not an intermediary in the donation transaction. Those interested can either do it online clicking on the Donate button at my Pledge page on thebangalore cares website (where 7% goes into transaction charge) – this will be active till the 31st of May. Or directly to the old age home as per their bank account details given on their site. You’ll get a receipt from them – useful for tax purposes as well.

Optionally it would also be good if you could drop me a note on the amount so that I have an idea how far the target is 🙂

Do try to come to Kanteerava stadium this Sunday – it should be a lot of fun with a whole lot of Bangaloreans running for various causes + just of course for the fun of it as well! 🙂

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