the future of work has arrived

A hotel is not just a place where travellers sleep, but a United Nations in miniature.

~ Theodore Zeldin’s muse on The Future Of Work

I’ve found the same applies to a software company as well, and I’ve found it more in my own company nowadays – this happens to be one of the key reasons why I’ve enjoyed working here for over 5 years so far. I’ve been able to actually put the above into practice to a reasonable extent, as a lead for a global project where I interact with different people around the world every day. Of course there are some tough exchanges as well when things don’t go well. I’ve found that honesty and openness go a long way in establishing trust and relationships both in professional and home life.

Not sure if what I’m saying sounds over-idealistic, but to highlight that it actually can happen, here’s an example… (name obliterated for privacy reasons)


The above analogy for a waiter in a hotel could apply to an engineer as well, an engineer could be a peace missionary, promoting global happiness –
how cool is that!! 😎

The future of work has arrived, is now here! 🙂

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