the great takeover

Now that this fellow is taking over, I can sit back and relax… 😉

retirement plan

Heh heh, but seriously – I hope I manage to not let any of my own ambitions or interests bother him! :mrgreen:


Dear reader, thanks for visiting, I’ve just been a bit “busy” 🙄 but will catch up with this site soon…

2 Responses to “the great takeover”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    Abhinva agale tandeyenthe maga agta idane. I appreciate your
    statment that you will not bother him with your ambitions and interest. photo is superb and whether you like it or not he is already into computers!!!!!!!!!!!!
    let him inherit all the qualities of parents and much more great from ajii tatha etc etc., and shine like a star and he is a super star.

  2. Rashmi Says:

    Viji & Sanj… Good one. Abhinav seems quite focussed on what he is doing !

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