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Well I wanted to post this earlier but finally got around to it now -  better late than never!

Any quotes, preferably from  your friends/bloggers that you really liked – that added to (re)discovery of your own nature… please post them here!

Here are some of my favorites (there are so many and these are just a few for now)…

Come on dear friend, float with the infinite existence, rather than clinging to some ‘benefits’ and profits’.

~ sulochanosho

When the fresh air got into my room I enjoyed it’s freshness and vivacity and suddenly something flashed in me to preserve it. And I closed all the doors and windows hoping that it will not let that air with its freshness to escape the room.

I felt that I can hold that freshness forever by captivating that fresh air in the room.

Sooner I found to my dismay that the air was stinking in the room and its freshness and vivacity is lost.

Again I had to open all the doors and let that socalled ‘fresh air’ to move out giving way for the new wave and new lease of freshness.

Why can’s U bring some freshness here in this room instead of blaming the place.

~  Madhu

“A lot of people in business say they have twenty years experience, when in fact all the really have is one year’s experience, repeated twenty times.”

~ gaping void

Food is raw energy; it depends on you how you transform it. You are the transformer; you are really significant, not what you eat

~ Suresh Gundappa

5 Responses to “blog quotes of the year”

  1. sulochanosho Says:

    Thank you Sanjay for your penetrating eyes and appreciation. Just to randomly pick one of your sayings that inpsired me simply is:

    YES, Life does not depend on the knowing how we got here or what will happen after we are gone.
    Sanjay M

  2. latha vidyaranya Says:

    yes, we need to flow with that infinite existence. otherwise we stagnate and even those profits and benefits start stinking after a while.

    let us keep our minds open to receive fresh frangnance, like these quotes that you have quoted.

    yes, it may be just one year’s experience repeated over twenty years. but surely, practice would have perfected him!

    what we eat is also significant because we are what we eat! if we eat saatwik food, our mind becomes saatwik. if we prefer junk food, we may become junkies too.

  3. msanjay Says:

    Nice comments latha 🙂

    I feel that if the practice has perfected then it cant be the same experience – it would’ve been a different experience each time. So I felt he’s talking about the same (or similar) experience without any significant change or improvement, and this looks very improbable but it actually happens.

    Latha, if we eat the most saatwik food with lot of angry thoughts (for example) – I doubt if the mind becomes saatwik – and this was my understanding of Suresh’s point. Maybe reading his whole post following the link will give a better context.

  4. Destination Infinity Says:

    One of my all time favorite is : “A weed is a plant whose virtues have not been discovered yet” (I am not taking this from a fellow blogger, but still wanted to share this)

    Destination Infinity.

  5. Sanjay M Says:

    thanks Destination Infinity – indeed thats a complete shift in perspective!

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