raw material of life

When construction of a new lovely house we begin
If we ignore the quality of the the raw material within
The building may still look real pretty!
Even if the inside may be a bit messy!

Then for the slightest drizzling rain
A leaking roof is going to be a real pain
And a gusty draft of wind or tremor
Is going to make the rafters shiver
And all those cracks and secret damp places
Oh pests are just going to love those spaces!

So raw material we know better than to neglect
And attention to its quality we better respect

Then while we are constructing our life
Every single day amidst all its joys and strife
We better then have a closer look
Instead of just going by our self-authored book?

We can free ourselves from every monotonous rythm
Starting with this line right here 😉
Lets atleast reduce using low grade anger
And lets eliminate our petty prejudices
And lets even retire our shoddy ill-will
And every other thing else based on ignorance!

This new year, let us develop our heart
And truly strengthen the home for now and our future
That we are building every single day: ourself
Using high grade RCC – Relax Care and Compassion
Radically catapulting the quality of our life!


PS: A reader Vidyashankar raised a pretty good point…

Although everybody wants to build home using good raw material, we may be limited by budget?!

Hmm indeed its a pretty good possibility… as long as we are ignoring the emperor within… 🙂

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