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eckhart tolle's talk

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Particular relevant to many many many common everyday situations… The video and audio seem to have gone out of sync. (But I remember having watched it properly the first time I saw ti around a year ago, seems its got corrupted later) The ‘pain body’ he refers I relate it exactly to the ‘false center’ […]

this full moon night…

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Dear all, I’d marked full moon nights in my Google calendar, and this time just thought it would be not a bad idea to try out a group sitting in silence… Its traditional to observe silence for someone who is departed, but why not do the same those who are alive! (Including oneself 🙂 ) […]

common man in the mirror

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Friday evening I started off on a bus journey for the long weekend as I’d applied for leave on Monday. The bus was crowded and as I’d gotten on early, I was sitting down. A couple with a baby boy got on. Its somewhat tough carrying a kid in a crowded rattling swering bus. Being […]

nature lover

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Once I was in a car with a friend on an autobahn (highway) in Germany. You may know, there are no speed limits on the German autobahns, and we were driving at high speed through a green countryside – most of it looking like a huge golf course as it was mostly plain and not […]

what we don't really need

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

We don’t need – any more trouble! Fantastic song video by global artists… War/No More Trouble – Song Around The World from Playing For Change on Vimeo.

Nature vs Garbage

Monday, September 20th, 2004

For those who are short on time and inclination, here is the conclusion in advance: kindly carry your own trash bags wherever in the remote wilderness you go and carry back your non-biodegradable trash with you, even small chocolate wrappers, and dispose it in a city. I am presenting a true incident here only as […]

dhamma notes

Monday, November 24th, 2003

Dhamma Notes, Links and Resources   I would also like to talk briefly about my progress in meditation, and also share some notes and ideas. I am still a learner, but I feel that maybe others can learn from my mistakes. Any other ideas are most welcome. You can skip over anything that dosent hold your […]