what an idea!

BarackObama is asking you to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr by volunteering in your area. Visit http://USAservice.org or text SERVE to 56333 for info.

Obama’s twitter update

Obama seems to be creating a revolution of sorts by by calling on Americans of all ages to step up and help their fellow citizens however they can. The best part about it is that its really leveraging on technology, using social networking tools like blogging and mobile updates, where people can answer questions like “How You’re Serving Your Community” and provide an answer with any kind of media they can. The site Renew America Together serves a central point of contact which facilitates both finding as well as hosting an event in any particular area.

This excellent rediff article about Obama talks about how much there is to learn from him. It highlights how he is goal oriented, organised to be productive, creative, disciplined, and works hard and smart. Indeed we can see this being applied in this context as well.

We can imagine this is only the beginning… a truly inspiring one… and this should spread around the world as well! 🙂

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