Frequently Asked Question: How do you get time for all this? Are you jobless, unemployed…

Frequently Asked Question by some candid well wishers: How do you get time for all this? Are you jobless, unemployed, you have way too much free time to squander on your hands?

Answer: several factors:

  1. I really enjoy my work – my professional work as well as housework (we’ve no maidservants and do everything like sweeping, mopping, dishes, etc ourselves). I have a fairly heavy workload. I value quality time with my mother, sister, aunts and rest of my family of course including wife and son.
  2. I’m a sort of speed typist.
  3. As I’m not bound by office timings being a freelancer – I work at times I’m most productive. (may be some day I’m going to be disciplined, but I’m not yet there). (In fact my recent online chat status is “fingers dancing on the keyboard, wrist waltzing with the mouse – aka @work” 😉 )

I’m firstly an engineer and a parent, a photographer and probably last of all a writer. Still I feel its worth the time I spend on writing because even if nobody reads I myself read it at some or the other point in time. Circumstances won’t remain the same always, this is just the current situation. And of course even though it hardly happens esp nowadays, its real nice whenever I hear back from anyone! 8)

Apart from also being lazy and neglienent and messing up things sometimes, I’ve also tried a bit of refactoring which has made a significant difference. While there’s always going to be plenty of room for improvement, in general I definitely value my time a lot – every moment of it!

6 Responses to “Frequently Asked Question: How do you get time for all this? Are you jobless, unemployed…”

  1. Suresh Panje Says:

    Dear Sanjay

    Indeed, your example is a pathfinder for the entire society. Dignity of labour is a philosophy that all ought to learn and in this context, I still recall the handbook titled ‘Naane Nanna Shilpi’ (I’m my own architect) that all the students of Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala (the best ever boarding school in Karnataka, I must say) were provided and made not only to read but also practice during 1958-60.

    In this context, I admire the Scouts and Guides movement where the youngsters were taught the value of work. (Unfortunately, my active role in this was limited to the slot of Cubs and nothing beyond that. And this Scout group was known as Krishnamandali Scouts & Guides and this was functioning from the Radhakrishna Temple opposite Malleswaram Railway Station about which you had nicely depicted. One Herenjal Gajanan was the Scout Master.)

    Above all, what one leant by being a scout was to know how to tie different knots which most of the present day youngsters are unaware.

    As for your views on the love of labour or labour of love (for that matter, all of us are born out of love followed by slight pangs of labour pain!!), I wish to point out a peculiar aspect prevailing in our society and that pertains to the Class I and Class IV status in the Government service.

    A driver, a peon etc. are Class-IV grade employees. In case the peon is absent, the Class-I officer will never dust his table by contending that it is the job of a peon, a Class-IV grade employee. Presto, when it comes to taking out his car (with or without his family), the same Class-I officer is comfortable in the seat of a Class-IV employee (driver). Yes, such tendencies prevail in the civil services.

    To cut my short my story, I wish to recall a tiny incident of 1992. I was visiting a friend of mine at FICCI and he happened to be one among the executive cadres. It was a sultry summer afternoon and I wished to have a sip of water. Believe me, my host’s response was stunning: Ah! today, my peon is not here as such you may have to help yourself at the cooler in the corridor.

    Yes, a jug of water was within his hand’s reach on the shelf next to his table but being an executive, he did not wish to degrade himself in offering a glass of water to a visitor.

    Yes, that is life and life is like that.

    Suresh Panje

    69, Poorvi Marg
    Vasant Vihar
    New Delhi -57

    ** It may of interest to your readers if I mention that Vasant Vihar is the second most prestigious colony in New Delhi. So much so, the pincode 110057 by itself is a sign of status symbol. Over here, almost every house is proud of having servants – cooks, butlers, maid servants, drivers, gardeners, guards et al. Thus a common comment heard among the Vanity Fair high society ladies of VV is: Oh! Disgusting, our servant has’nt turned up… Oh! that is servants quarters…. Chee, he is a servant…. Aare, this child is servant’s kid…..

    Well, all said and done, all these elite families of Vasant Vihar are none but the members of GOVERNMENT SERVANTS’ CO-OPERATIVE HOUSING SOCIETY. Yes, Vasant Vihar colony was set up and initially functioned under this ‘servants’ society, of course of ICS, IAS, IFS, IPS and officers of defence services.

  2. Preethi Says:

    3 years back when I wanted to start a blog of my own..Your blog was a huge inspiration.
    Even though my blog focuses only on spirutuality/philosophy,I liked the honesty and integrity with which you write.I tried to follow that in my blog.
    Your writing can have a impact, in ways you may not know.
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Preethi Says:

    Coming to dignity of labor..As Suresh points out its important we realize the importance of self reliance.I have been doing that for past 3 yrs(no maids in USa)
    But from a managerial view,delegation is very important.Sometimes we have more responsibilty and we dont have time to do smaller tasks.Keeping a maid to help out,is not wrong..But treating them as second rate citzens is unjust and it hinders the potential of the servant too.
    I remember a scene from Life is Beautiful…
    Where the hero’s uncle tells him to bend only little (where he works as a waiter)like a sunflower…
    The uncle says “God also serves,but he is not our servant”

  4. Destination Infinity Says:

    I think you are lucky to be a freelancer. So, don’t be hasty in choosing to be disciplined and keep those great posts coming.

    Destination Infinity

  5. Sanjay M Says:

    Nice to read your article Suresh ! Hey I was a scout in my school days as well… remember only a few knots now! They’ve been quite useful in unexpected situations like packaging some luggage. Scouts motto is simple and beautiful “Be Prepared” which fits in perfectly with Louis Pasteurs observation that “Chance favors the prepared mind”. What a funny irony it was to read about servant’s colony 🙂

    Preethi more than any ideology, for us the unreliability of maid servants necessitated this undertaking. They could not meet the bare minimal criteria of atleast keeping us informed if they could not come any time, and they (one after another) did it just too many times.

    Unfortunately I usually get so cramped with office work that its Vijetha who ends up doing more than her fair share… apart from taking care of Abhinav as well. So I’m feeling more and more compelled to whip up aleast a bit of systematic lifestlye to ease this situation. Yeah. I’d noted exactly the same lines as well about Life is Beautiful somewhere in this site 🙂 beautiful movie! Glad that you started writing Preethi… couldnt imagine that it was because of this site… anyway end is more impt than the means and its pretty nice to go through your posts 🙂

    Destination Infinity, true I certainly consider myself lucky. But there is significant amount of risk and uncertainity as well. Also a lot of the time work schedule is even more demanding than when I was employed! (which is of course a really good thing). Thanks for your encouragement!

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