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This common man’s blog site is mostly about sharing my happiness and discoveries with others. The initial idea was to call it a journal… but later on couldn’t help using the word blog – I like Suresh’s definition – blogging is just a private conversation between you and yourself.

I originally used to write emails to many of my family and friends. At some point (as we all aged, perhaps) – life seemed to be more and more fast-paced for most people and responses receded. But my interest in writing did not wane, and inspite of some encouragement there was the feeling that the majority of the readers may not have the time or inclination to read. I felt it better be an asynchronous mechanism, and that was the main idea of starting a static website at first, and then with the help of HP Nadig, got into wordpress and started this blog.

But maintaining an interactive blog site in general can have its pros and cons. We know of cases where some blogs have died out because it ate too much into the writer’s bandwidth to sustain it – as Suresh has written about burnout.

Here are some ideas to avoid such a situation that I’ve learnt so far… I say ‘you’ below, but that also applies to me as well. Just a matter of opinion here, no doubt, different people will form their own views.

First of all, a blog is different from running a newspaper or magazine where there is an unwritten contract/expectation of something at a regular time.

Bellur writes…

I feel life as a reader, than as a blogger, was more relaxed. Writing new posts and deleting spam comments was what bloggers did. I only knew to comment and comment. Now as a blogger, readers ask me “Why have you not replied to my comment?” or “Why the blog is not updated?”

This can sometimes build up pressure, but its important for a blogger to not get caught up in them, and expect that the readers will understand his limitations or constraints. One thing I appreciate about Suresh’s blog is he dosen’t feel obligated to reply to each and every comment of mine. I know that he’s heard me, and he replies if he had really anything more to say.

More than just between bloggers, in general I believe that with people we trust, we do not assume that silence is indifference. Silence has a certain dignity – of respect and understanding.


Suresh also questions…

How do you handle negativity on your blog? does bad comments keep bothering you even after you walk away from your computer?

Hardly anybody has ever said anything negative on this blog, but in general, we do see in open forums people getting really angry or upset and flaming someone else. And one cannot help but carry some kind of prejudice against another person at the end of it – a sort of unpleasant taste may remain. Mostly the key reason for this is anonymity. So the image a person A forms of another person B is simply the one opinion that B has put down, which may be sacrilegiously against A’s outlook of life! So A ends up completely hating B, simply the name of B, even though A has never really met B. Sometimes very heated words of hatred are exchanged. In my opinon, its simply because of anonymity. Suppose A was to find out the next day that A needed blood badly and a person came up to be the donor, and A finds out its B, would A refuse?? Or A is about to get into a matrimonial venture, and B turns out to be the prospective spouse’s brother, would A still continue to say the same things to B directly instead of through the anonymity of the forum? Or what if B turned out to be A’s manager in the office? Countless possibilities are there – we live in a small world.

Morihei Ueshiba (the Art of Peace) makes a lot of sense when he says…

If your opponent strikes with fire, counter with water, becoming completely fluid and free-flowing. Water, by its nature, never collides with or breaks against anything. On the contrary, it swallows up any attack harmlessly.


Sometimes writer esp when its addictive gives a kick and esp after he gets some appreciation, the writer feels as as if he’s saving the world with his opinions. This is an incredibly stupid delusion of the ego (and though I say it, I’ve been susceptible to it as well esp initially. And then I have to remind myself that the world will go on with or without me 🙄 ) Its important to note that if a blogger doesn’t write for a while – he may be missed, but the readers are not going to be lost… there is tons of other stuff on the net that they will read :mrgreen: Or maybe they’ll get off the computer and go out and get some fresh air and some sunlight! This is why I hardly feel any obligation to write.

Blogging can be addictive, and can easily very gradually interfere with one’s professional career. In the past there have been instances when I’ve unwittingly allowed that to happen. And though in a way I’ve gotten away with it, I cannot escape from myself, and from the fact that I’d done an injustice to both to my employer as well as myself. I did not get the satisfaction at the end of writing an article, that I got out of a task executed meticulously and on time. Luckily I eventually learnt to uncompromisingly prioritize on my responsibilities. Since then, I felt more free to share my blog url with colleagues and supervisors as well 😎

It can also interfere with personal life as well. I remember a fantastic cartoon of a blogger writing an article late into the night about how to entertain one’s girlfriend, and the cartoon showed a really bored looking girl sitting on the bed waiting for him to finish! 😆


Thanks to Ganga (of Dextrous Doings) who provided a the URL that creates banners – you can create one of your own! Another one with LED signs is here.

6 Responses to “relaxed blogging”

  1. Bendtherulz Says:

    Loved your post – could relate to this so much – recently I was feeling so swamped…it started as fun …that time nobody use to comment. Slowly and slowly you see people coming over …so etiquette says you should go and visit them…however if you start doing….then you are not even reading anything properly – I like to leave long comments & ask questions ( sometime longer then the post….lol 🙂

    In the end , all m careful about is – this should not become like addiction and flitting from one to another blog with NO SOD & no meaning…!

    Lastly – this is one amazing world. So many views …..I really marvel at the visibility all this technology is providing to us.

  2. Sanjay M Says:

    you have typed your url wrong in the above link (you definitely bent the rule there! 😉 ) and considering Id seen your site before, I was really surprised when it went to some hard-core religious site… wondered for a moment what happened to you 😆 Then noticed the URL and corrected it :mrgreen: Yeah its definitely an amazing world – eg check out the links to Bellur’s article on Rangoli !

  3. Bendtherulz Says:

    😀 – I did…. 😛

    Thanks for sending that info on aerodynamics on geese…thx.

  4. msanjay Says:

    Other end of relaxed blogging is becoming utterly complacent and negligient, which is what I’m kind of guilty of doing off late… 😈 Have been buried with work, also recently a good part of whatever free time I’ve spent researching a good Digital SLR camera – quite a time consuming task considering all the features and options and reviews available! Will update a post about my findings soon 🙂

  5. msanjay Says:

    oh boy there have been times, like yesterday, when I actually get down to it, the site was down for a while / was too slow – so could not do anything 🙄

  6. preethi Says:

    A very good article on blogging.
    I agree with all the points.Expecially the one in which you say the world will continue with or without me.A profound thought which also tells us about detachment.

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