There is no response from her side.

And one thing suddenly hit me.

During the time I spent with her, the girl was very passive. I guessed and asked her “I think you’re not interested in marriage itself now” and she laughed and said “yes thats right, I’m doing this just because of my parents”

Then I did not take this properly and said in order to empathize with her “yeah even me I wasnt so interested and am mainly agreeing because of my mother” which I later realise isnt really true – I have to say I’m marrying because of my own inclination to live among people instead of being a loner. (If I was so obedient to my mother, I wouldve married 3 years ago which is when she started bugging me about it)

But now I realise the girl was never interested in marriage itself. She was just going through the whole thing waiting for everything to get over. For example most of the time, she was just passive. When I said my hobby is to write articles, she never even bothered to ask what kind of articles, what do you write about or something like that.

I must also say its a kind of blow to one’s ego to keep approaching proposals and getting rejected. I feel a slight frustration, but very fortunately I have the advantage of knowing its unimportance and simply letting it go. But I can really imagine and empathize with the people who keep trying this thing out endlessly.

[ usual human tendency is to consider only the -ive part of the paragraph ignoring the rest ! ]

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