worries invited for ever?

That’s a well known joke – an acronym for “wife” and it had me pretty much braced for the worst when I got married. However now that I’m a married man – I’d say that “worry” could also be “wonder” 🙂 – Ive had a nice time with Vijetha so far in discovering so many different things, and marvelling at the totally different view that she has of the world. Understanding and getting to know each other has been a really nice experience.

One of the criteria I had in searching for a partner was to find someone who’s better than me whom I could learn from. Needless to say, this was probably the easiest criteria to fulfil 😉 but nevertheless she’s turned out to be far far better than what I could imagine! One of my friends had questioned me – “ask yourself… do you think you really deserve someone like her?”. The answer was no 😈 …but still now that I’m married to her anyway, she – not so much by her words but more by her actions – inspires me to better myself so that some day I might say yes instead 😉 !

Though it hasnt been very long together still its like I know her for many years. We’ve had occasional differences as well but nothing that we haven’t managed to resolve and get over with with an open discussion sooner or later.

Once in a way I manage to implement what I believe, for example like I’ve written in the post the Indian woman and I arranged for a trip for her to fulfil her long time ambition of going on a trip. Job kept me from going along with her… 🙁 but she’ll be back this week and I look forward to hearing her stories!

I also felt writing publicly in detail about my life now involves one more person and so asked her if I could write about her here and she gave unrestricted permission. But I am yet to find words (and also time, because of a lot of other factors keeping me busy) to express the details, will probably do it over time…

However I’ve been warned time and again that this is just the “honeymoon phase” 😉 and whether the wonder will change to worry later time will tell… Certainly I don’ expect married life to be a bed of roses, but its not been a bad start… :mrgreen:

Getting to know her I am reminded of what UG said about women…

it’s really unfortunate that man got away with everything for centuries while society ignored women. Half the population of this planet was neglected, humiliated and treated as doormats. Even the Bible story tells you that the woman is made out of the rib of man. What preposterous nonsense! You see, women’s intelligence is lost for this culture. Not only here, it’s the same everywhere.


(Btw looking at blogs like Shruti‘s and Pavi‘s among others indicates that if man lost track of women’s intelligence then its definitely getting recovered now… 8) )

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  1. Gangadhar Says:

    dat’s a thoughtful post,Sanjay..
    how’s you?
    btw you’re one of my family members..just go and visit my blog for details..

  2. bellur ramakrishna Says:


    Enjoy the dhaaMpathya jIvana.

    In ‘AnarthaKOsha’ (Devil’s Dictionary in Kannada by Na.Kasturi), the definition for DAMPATHI is: DhaM kaledukondiruva pathi.

    (Can’t generalise, but true in most cases.)

  3. msanjay Says:

    Hey Gangadhar I’m doing fine thanks – a lot of posts to write but it looks like I’m having re-starting trouble with restarting my blog :mrgreen: Its an honor to be your family member, I’ll reply to your post in your site…

    heh heh good one RK! 😆 Sounds like an interesting book…

  4. Gangadhar Says:

    I’ll look forward to your awesome posts,Sanjay..
    And thank u verymuch for your great wishes on my blog..

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