nature lover

Once I was in a car with a friend on an autobahn (highway) in Germany. You may know, there are no speed limits on the German autobahns, and we were driving at high speed through a green countryside – most of it looking like a huge golf course as it was mostly plain and not too many trees. On the way, we passed a bridge across a valley and suddenly I gasped in amazement – there was a vast expanse of blue breaking the green monotony! It was like a huge endless lake more bigger and beautiful than anything I could ever imagine! My heart was filled with joy and my spirits rose…!

A second later, it dawned on me that this was actually a blue barricade on either side of the bridge that was erected so people living below in the valley wouldn’t get disturbed by too much noise of the traffic on it! I felt really humbled (‘dont know whether to laugh or cry’ 😉 ) at how self-deceptive my mind could be!!

One may temporarily draw inspiration from nature, but one gains a sustainable deep sense of peace only from re-discovering one’s own nature 🙂

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