creative way of representing creativity

There are a lot of nice things out here on this site which I get regularly from their mailing list. But this particular one on creativity really got to me. (It includes music as well).


I don’t agree with the one slide that says “And the unfortunate thing…” because I believe there’s nothing unfortunate about it, it simply dosen’t matter at all 😉 …but apart from that I thought its simply excellent.

I feel it more or less literally represents my life so far of course not in a grand success story way but more of a quiet personal way. I guess a lot of people would feel exactly the same way about themselves. In a way, uniqueness is a paradox: everybody wants to be unique, just like everybody else 😉 In a C&H comic, Calvin demonstrates the paradox of uniqueness – he brings a snowflake in for show and tell, and talks about how it becomes an ordinary drop of water when brought into the classroom!


Image source: Snow Crystal Photographs

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  1. Leonid Mamchenkov Says:

    That reminded me of one funny situation I had back in college. I was in a class of 30 or so people attending a course I don’t remember now. Maybe philosophy, maybe sociology. Doesn’t matter.

    Anyway, the professor asked those who think they were unique or extremely special to raise their hands. EVERYONE except me raised a hand. I didn’t. Than the professor asked those who think they were pretty average to raise their hands. And mine was the only one up.

    And he than pointed out the paradox – people who thought they were unique weren’t, while those who didn’t – were. It was an interesting point.

    One thing the professor didn’t know. With all those people in the class too I presume – I didn’t think I was average. No. Nope. I thought I was as unique as they come. It’s just that I somehow knew that everybody will raise their hands. 😉

    That’s one funny memory now…

  2. msanjay Says:

    Heh heh good one 😀

    Btw looks like there’s something unique in the term “the paradox of uniqueness”, atleast according to google which does not seem to return any relevant results…

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