dog crossing road

[This is from my drafts, something that happened quite a while ago]

While returning home in the afternoon afternoon, I was coming on the busy Tumkur Road, driving alongside a truck on the left side, when in the distance, in the distance, on the temporarily empty road, I saw a small puppy crossing the road. This guy was walking slowly and steadily and all the vehicles were just going around him and he seemed to be totally oblivious to the danger! It was a somewhat horrifying yet amazing sight. Such a small vulnerable puppy on the road full of high speed trucks and buses. 

(Somehow stopped the car, my wife jumped out and lifted the pup and put him aside somewhere 'safe' atleast for a while hopefully.)

(A somewhat maybe strange after thought, but I felt that though I feel secure and comfortable in general… in a way I too am as vulnerable  as that puppy at the mercy of Life and that gives me a reason to be happy just to be alive 😉 ) 

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  1. praneshachar Says:

    great samaritan’s sanjay and vijetha what a touching narration of a real incident. very optly done atleast you have certainly given puppy the lease of life. it is good you were not witness to a very curel incident of some big truck or bus running over it and you just spending restless nights after being a witness to such ghastly incident. keep going life is like that

  2. msanjay Says:

    Im not sure something like that might’ve happened, the puppy seemed to be having some kind of guardian angel of its own and seemed to be protected anyway with or without our interference! 😉 We probably just helped to ease some of the traffic jam.

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