finally some yoga classes (again)

For a long time off late, I’ve sort of deteriorated in many ways, having trapped myself into the habit of waking up late every day, and in the psychological trap of thinging myself as ‘not an early person’. I could justify myself by saying I can stay awake at night for any late hour, but just can’t wake up in the morning before 8 AM! Waking up late took its toll… my days were relatively more sloppier and lethargic, and I often felt dull and lazy.

I used to attend Yoga classes a few years ago, but has been quite a while. We came across a sign for some class near our house, and after a few weeks of procrastination, actually visited the place but it turned out that the actual classes were conduced somewhere else. And they started at 7 AM, and I found that I never made it there for several weeks.

My wife found another class being conducted in a hill-park and once we actually visited that park and it was so beautiful, that I felt more motivated to come there earlier in the morning. Timings were 6 to 7, and after a couple of attempts, I finally managed to reach there in time before the classes ended, and actually registered – this was early last month. So in the month of March I made it to 50% of the classes so far. In April its 100% attendance, but of course since its just been 1 day its not much of a record 😉 but I hope to keep it going for the rest of the month!

As long as its simple and there is no hi-fi talk about stuff like energy centers and chakras and so on, I quite enjoy these classes. Not that these aren’t any chakras or whatever, but theory can easily become more than practice or actual experience. Psychological suggestion can happen too easily and I feel one could be suceptible to start imagining things, instead of just doing it.

Initially my body felt like it was made of wood – so inflexible that that it would break if I bent it a bit too much. But gradually day after day its started feeling more comfortable.

On the whole, I feel light and energetic, and some parts like muscles and so on inside my body which I didnt know existed feels more alive 🙂 Also I’ve started becoming more aware of what kind of food I dump into my stomach. That delusion of mistaking bad (junk) food as good food just because its tasty is reducing! 😛

Recently a friend forwarded a nice e-book on yoga here: Yoga Guide (pdf).

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  1. Suresh Panje Says:

    Indeed, Yoga is the best means for psycho-physical conditioning. Although doctors and allied scientists in the West claims to have all the formulae for good health, it was Patanjali who formulated basic principles of Yoga. It is said taht to supplement this science of health, Sashruta and other Rishis did extensive research and came out with Ayurveda (science of life).
    As such one who is aware of Yogayurveda can live long, leading a happy life of contentment.
    Suresh Panje

    p.s.: When it concerns good health, I am reminded of the Kannada adage: Ondu hottu undavanu Yogi, Eradu hottu undavanu Bhogi, Muru hottu undavanu Bhogi and Nalku hottu undavanu, avanige hottu kondu hogi to mean one who eats once is Yogi, twice – a bhogi (gourmet), thrice – a sick man and four times to the crematorium.

  2. Anuadha Muralidharan Says:

    Hello Sanjay,
    Not sure if you remember me.. If you are the Sanjay, I think you are, then we worked together in HP during 1999 /2000 and attended yoga classes in the office.

    Are you the same person? If you are, I have been trying to reach you to find out if you happen to have the contact information of the person who taught us yoga? Please do write to me at if you are the same person.

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