listening to the reed

Listen to the reed, how it is complaining!
It is telling about separations,

~ Rumi

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The camera acted as my ear when I tried to listen… 😉

Out beyond ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing
There is a field…

…I’ll meet you there. (Rumi)


These pictures were taken at an ashram in Alur (a village north of Bangalore, on Tumkur Road) last Sunday evening. I’d gone for my Sunday one day meditation sitting, accompanied by Vijetha and Abhinav. For little Abhinav of course it was yet another one-day-sleeping, and for Vijetha a one-day-babysitting (though she managed to put in some work as well).

Sitting for an entire day atleast once in a while definitely gives a lot of strong momentum which is not to be underestimated – and it renews the
immeasurably beneficial meditation practice.

As for my son, rather than wanting to teach him anything, I hope to manage to not interfere with his own natural learning as far as possible! 😉 It was a fun outing amidst the open greenery! As a father, I find that meditation is one of my primary responsibilities to be able to more honestly greet him with pure love and joy every day. It facilitates me to be at one with him, and learn from him as his friend and fellow student in life.


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  1. Rashmi Says:

    Amazing how simple things can be so beautiful !

  2. msanjay Says:

    yeah thats what I love about photography – it can help us see beauty in simplicity

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