sketch of a familiar place

Though I’ve somehow gone off track in writing, this is a long pending post. This is about a drawing that a reader mailed me – yes an actual tangible drawing on paper and not a digital version – how cool is that! She said she was inspired by smile cards idea and definitely makes me want to ‘pass it forward’ to someone else!

Our local scanner was broken (someone had over-touched the touch screen 🙄 ) but now that its fixed I immediately got it scanned to make a quick post here…

Its a priviledge to share this lovely drawing out here…

where is this place?

Before I mention the details, I wonder if anyone could recognize this place depicted in the drawing ❓
(My mother could do it almost immediately! 😉 as she’d been to this place )


Thanks to Preethi for this lovely drawing based on this temple.

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