yet unexplored features of a hi-tech phone…

What if one had a Nexus/iPhone or some hi-tech sophisticated phone…

and only used it to make phone calls…?

Can this happen in reality? Lets just consider a hypothetical case of a good friend of your’s who had the phone gifted to him by say some rich friend.

This phone also has internet access (GPRS, Wifi, 3G) and games and can run calendar/office applications and has bluetooth to connect to a wireless headset… long list…

But what if your friend steadfastly maintains “All I need this phone for is to make phone calls. I’m able to do that. I’m just too busy… I DO NOT want to waste my time knowing anything more about it!

Lets just take this as a generic metaphor, and put aside any pretense of being non-judgemental like “yeah its his phone and his choice”… or “technology is complicating life” aspect… 😉

The simple candid opinion, would be he’s really UNDERUTILIZING his phone. (Of course, this is perfectly fine, nothing wrong with this at all)

Suppose you too had phone of a similar model, and you had used atleast some of its more advanced features very effectively to simplify your life. Would you not try to share with your friend how he could use the phone better? Maybe simple things like some settings that optimize battery utilisation or improve network reception! And if you knew for example that he feels compelled to receive phone calls while driving, and refuses to avoid it, wouldn’t you atleast want to tell him about this bluetooth handsfree headset that would make his driving relatively a lot safer?!

Technology of these hi-end phones is just amazing – the way they’re designed, the intuitive user interfaces, their connectivity, their ‘customizability’, and even their ruggedness! Yet, to use these phones, we don’t need to know about electronics of the diodes and circuits and whatever else they’re made up of, we just use it! 😉

To get a list of all the features, one can get the User Manual from the the manufacturer to know all the things possible with it. For an E71, we can get it from Nokia, for an iPhone, get it from Apple, of for a Nexus, get it from Google Inc – of course if its already bundled along with the phone + additional help from google. If something goes wrong, one can call a support number or visit a customer service center where they fix it based on their knowledge of every other phone of the same model that’s exactly the same.

Now, consider something far more sophisticated than the phone… one’s own human body. Far far more beautifully designed.

What do we use it for? Eating, sleeping, commuting, working, maybe even the occasional bit of socialising 😉

One has absolutely NO CLUE what else is possible with it other than the everyday things one has already been using it for right from birth. Like that friend using the phone for simply making phone calls, one uses oneself primarily for limited ways in everyday life.

The manufacturer of a phone is more or less the ultimate authority for everything about the phone (though at times with an open architecture users may go beyond what the phone was designed for as well) But for oneself, there is no user manual! There may be internet articles and programs and google results. If something goes wrong, one can take oneself to to ‘customer service’ – for physical aspect it is a doctor, or mental aspect, a psychotherapist… Everything based on studies of ‘models’ merely similar to oneself (of course more or less the remedies esp for physical aspect may work 😉 ) though, in reality… every model is unique.

So to know about one’s own unique capabilities, one can only explore and discover oneself!

By the time the rechargable but not replaceable battery wears out…

3 Responses to “yet unexplored features of a hi-tech phone…”

  1. Rohini Says:

    That was well written, Sanjay.

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