10 day prison that started to free me

In 2001, some stranger I had a chance encounter with told me of a 10 day camp residential camp. Out of curiosity I found out more about it eventually – that it has a rigorous daily timetable from morning 4 AM to night 9:30 PM sort of like a prison! After all the procrastination I finally made it in Oct 2001.

In the course of the camp, I realised that I had unknowingly been like a prisoner in the world all along, and now I really felt much more free! 🙂

I’ve continued with the same profession and lifestyle, eating, sleeping, travelling worldwide, photography, writing etc, went on to get married and am a father. Quality of my experience with these same ordinary things is just unexplainable – typical mediocre feeling that “time is just flying by” has changed to being more alive.

A visitor from Delhi Mr. Apoorva happened to be here. He occasionally gives presentations to schools on this topic, and as he’s available on Sunday, I grabbed the chance to organise a talk by him. If you expect him to be some swamiji you might be disappointed 😉 he’s yet another 44 year old mechanical/chemical engineer, married with 2 kids – who’s been practicing regularly for a long time. I attended one of his talks so far and found him to be a pretty down to earth, simple speaker. Its quite rare that he comes down all the way to Bangalore so hope you make the time on Sunday morning to attend his talk. More details below…

Though I’ve done several courses since my first course, approximately once a year, this isn’t exactly the viral marketing type of thing. One ‘disappointing’ thing about this is it lacks the glitz or glamor or publicity which any typical commercialised personality-development program might have. Any typical ‘personality-development program’ gives ready-made solutions. Meditation takes you beyond concepts to the the very core of your personality – a space where you discover your own insights/solutions, to your own unique situations. Even I myself have hardly spoken/written much about it all these years, as I cannot express in words even whatever little I’ve practiced inspite of my utter lack of discipline 🙂

Its fairly easy to know someone who’s trekked himalayas or done parasailing/gliding. But hardly handful of those I personally know in my life have done this. So it might sound a bit radical due to lack of references from anyone you know. I dont have any inclination to convince you to actually undertake the camp yourself. the interest should come from you not me! Still please make it on Sunday morning, just to be informed about what it is about thats all 🙂

If you can make it this Sunday morning, please RSVP here

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  1. Vijaya Says:

    It seems you are talking about Vipassana or is there any other meditation which is this rigorous ? I agree that Vipassana is life changing experience.

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