Every day ordinary sounds from everywhere

Quiet American

You might want to browse through this site – I found it quite fascinating.
Its basically the collections of a guy (& his wife) who collects sounds.

Every day ordinary sounds from everywhere.

I couldnt agree more with him when he says:
“The world makes its own music, but we rarely listen with naive ears.”

This was my favorite… (It contains is a 53 MB MP3 file that I downloaded today at home)

One of the more memorable parts of my honeymoon was trekking the Annapurna Circuit in central Nepal with my wife Bronwyn.

For three weeks, we walked: up one valley, over a 17,500′ pass, and down another, through dozens of towns and climate zones. The pictures below should give you some sense of the environment we hiked through and what it contains (here are more). It’s the most popular trek in Nepal with good reason.

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