Hill Walking In Snowdonia (contd) – ಬೆಟ್ಟ ಸುತ್ತುವುದು

Later on at lower altitudes, the weather was relatively clearer.

Some Welsh sheep…

Saturday evening we returned, and Sunday morning, we started out again on another trail. The day was sunny! There were so many colors!

Yellow, green, dark green, grey, brown, blue, red!!

Destination: the peak beyond this one…

A lake just melting…

Another lake and from this angle could catch the reflection of the sky giving it that beautiful blue shade!

This was another amazing view… the patterns of water frozen into ice!

Looks like I’m trying to hitch a ride back home! 😉

Another ridge below could be seen. This was the most breathtaking view I had ever seen in my life. I just could not think how to fit
the immense landscape into a small rectangle!

So the ridge photograph is a poor representation of the actuality.

You can see some chaps at the bottom part of the photo climbing downwards. Note a few black dots along the path, they are people!
[have included a high quality version which can be zoomed – hence the bigger file size]

Everybody was perpetually in a hurry so this was the best I could take. I could not slow down the others, nor were the others too keen on hanging around. Setting up a tripod and taking panaronmic views was out of question. For most of them, it was mainly a physical
endevour that they wanted to get over with and go to the pub asap to celebrate their victory. But then I would never have been there but for them – so I had no choice but to digest the mixed feelings of deep gratitude with mild annoyance 🙂

This type of walking is also a means for socializing, as every now and then along the way two people pair up and start chatting. Each
person I spoke to told me different reasons why they joined the club and why they liked walking:

Some of them said physical fitness and excercise, some said “its a challenge and I get a feeling of achievement at the end”, some

said its to escape the boredom of everyday mundane life.

I usually dont argue or raise any counter points except if I feel the person has patience to hear me out (which is quite rare… heh
heh) but it was the case for one particular person…

He gave me the same reasons starting off with “physical excercise” and I asked “so what are gyms for?” Then he
said “also for challenge” and I replied “why here, why not in a running track, maybe break the 4 minute mile record or
something”… and so the argument went on. Not that I had any particular thing in my mind that I was waiting for him to say, but
just that I was disatisfied with the answers. Anyway soon the conversation died down and we walked in silence for a while.

Then he suddenly exclaimed “in the city, everything is manmade… every thing is created and controlled by man”. “Yeah
even gardens are planned and landscaped” I mused. And his voice grew stronger as he continued “and every rule is dictated by
man!! Out here…. man has nothing to do with it! Coming here is like coming out of some controlled environment… it reminds us of how things originally were… before human interference!”

I couldnt agree more with this reply 🙂

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