my homework videos

As a welcome relief for all your poor readers (in case there are still any left) subject to my Dad’s ignorant perceptions, this is Abhinav managing to get a word in.

You might be wondering what an easy life it is for a baby. But here you will see the how hard I have to work… I’m probably the youngest case of child labour in the world.

Here I am washing some clothes…

…and sweeping the floor…

But its not too bad a deal, apart from free accomodation, oota (food) and lala, I’ve also something my Dad doesn’t even want to consider owning even at his age… a bathtub + jacuzzi (manually operated by him)…

Here I am… setting it up for use… this transparent liquid thing is so slippery…

3 Responses to “my homework videos”

  1. Uday Says:

    amazingly cute…Sanju. Now he has a taste for playing with water, please ensure you double the level of supervision.

  2. msanjay Says:

    yeah very true Udianna thanks

  3. msanjay Says:

    just when we think he’s gone…

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