plastic in the microwave

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As a result of the previous post, just out of curiousity to find the real answer, I looked up google and found some interesting things…

First of all howstuffworks jarred me by saying

A microwave oven uses microwaves to heat food. Microwaves are radio waves. In the case of microwave ovens, the commonly used radio wave frequency is roughly 2,500 megahertz (2.5 gigahertz). Radio waves in this frequency range have an interesting property: they are absorbed by water, fats and sugars. When they are absorbed they are converted directly into atomic motion — heat. Microwaves in this frequency range have another interesting property: they are not absorbed by most plastics, glass or ceramics. Metal reflects microwaves, which is why metal pans do not work well in a microwave oven.

If we look at the line I’ve marked in bold above, it would imply that really keeping plastic is really harmless as plastic dosen’t get heated at all!

Here Truth of Fiction: Don’t use Plastic for Heating Foods though they conclude that its only a rumor, they do acknowledge that Dr. Fujimoto was a genuine person: contacted Dr. Fujimoto who said the eRumor quoted him fairly accurately.
His concern was whether a combination of ingredients, especially plastics and food fats, could result in food being contaminated by dioxins when heated in a microwave.
That is his observation and he claims to have research substantiating it. has twice asked for him to give us that research but has never received it.

The last line might’ve only been some kind of a communication problem…

However looking at an google answers to a very relevant question…

Does microwaving food in plastic containers or plastic cling wrap
release harmful chemicals into the food?

The answer is summarised as…

To summarize, yes, harmful chemicals CAN migrate into food cooked in
plastic containers or covered with cling wrap. The level of danger
apparently is unknown/unstudied/unreported. Will these chemicals hurt
or kill you? It seems no one knows for sure, but certainly some people
are more susceptible than others when it comes to chemical exposures.
Why accumulate unnecessary toxins in your body?

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