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Nowadays with the increasing popularity of live-in relationships compared to marriages, maybe this makes a lot of sense…

Love, all alike, no season knows, nor clime,
Nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of time.
– John Donne

Loyalty is a precious quality that we have almost lost sight of today. Instead of loyalty, almost everyone talks about freedom, especially in relationships. The idea is that if two people come together in freedom, each can walk out of the arrangement. This is supposed to be a complete safeguard against unhappiness. But even where both are free to walk out – where there are no obligations, no bonds, not even any ties – they go on doing this over and over and do not acquire the capacity to love. Without loyalty, it simply is not possible to love deeply.

From: Eknath Easwaran: Thought for the day

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  1. latha vidyaranya Says:

    hey, your smilies above are a big distraction for me to write my comment here 🙄 i am losing my thought flow 😉 they all seem to be sitting there evaluating what i write here. one of them seems to be ragging me for my loss of words to write ….. i need to ignore them and start off…….

    love all alike, irrespective of the seasons, climate, weather, hour, time…….. oh, how difficult it is for us ordinary mortals to give this kind of unconditional love to any one! but we always expect it from everybody! that is human folly.

    you are very correct when u said ‘loyalty’ is a thing of past in relationships. i wonder why is it so now?……. perhaps kids do not see their parents loyal to each other. kids do not find their parents loyal to their kith n kin. kids do not see in their parents loyalty to their jobs. they keep hopping from job to job! and forget loyalty to the household gadgets – oh, what sentiments people had for the old binoculars or the old gramaphone. they would never let anybody touch them, let alone part with them……….

    but this is the jet-set age, my dear. everything needs to be done fast. kids should finish their homework fast, things should cook in a jiffy, you should zoom to the office, send mails in a second and receive responses in a fraction of a second, gobble up some fast food, make friends with a fast chic, have a quicky (sorry, dint mean to offend anybody’s sensibilities)……. and then acquire diseases fast, age faster and die fastest! where, my dear, is the time to develop loyalty??????

    it is sad to see loyalty fading away and very soon our kids would find it hard to spell ‘loyalty’!

  2. msanjay Says:

    sorry about those latha, Im sure you’ve gotten used to it by now hah hah 😉

    Latha the part quoted is by Eknath Easwaran and not my words – just clarifying.

    I think that loyalty isnt really fading away – it may just seem like that but may not really be so but things look different because we have more live ins instead of earlier people having affairs during marriage etc – different terminology for similar situations. Maybe people who want to be loyal will be loyal, and those who dont realise its value may deviate, irrespective of era 🙂

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