relationships are not made of glass

I’ve often heard that relationships are like glass. Once broken, they can never be mended again…

I believe this is true only if our hearts are as brittle as glass! But thats certainly not the case! 😛 Some sound advice from the good doc. I really appreaciate the courage and integrity of the lady who asked the question to which he answered below.

Paradoxically, the surest route to forgiveness and trust is to not dwell on trying to forgive and trust. Heal your heart first, and then the forgiveness happens automatically. RT: @Deepak_Chopra: RT @mallikachopra Can you regain trust after a major betrayal?

2 Responses to “relationships are not made of glass”

  1. Sunu Says:

    This is so true. What an observation .Relationships can be mended if the heart is not so brittle !

  2. raghav Says:

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