millions homeless in south India

Seeing news of so many people homeless due to floods is really touching, almost unimaginable like a nightmare. Yet in a way almost like some movie for me, one more program on TV…

Donating to a relief party is atleast a small first step to being truly connected. There is a clothes-collection drive in our apartment tomorrow. Hope any reader finds out and contributes about similar initiatives in their own neighborhood.

This flood is a cruel reminder, but there are more people homeless than just those people we see affected on TV…

House is not your home, House is more of a physical interpretation of your success.   House is more indication of your status, ego, fights and success. There is nothing wrong with it except it is not your Home!

“Home” is not a physical place in the outside world, but an inner quality of relaxation and acceptance.

but the irony of Man is that he spends his lifetime to build  a house for himself and his family but  it only takes a moment of awareness to come home

~ Leave your House! Come Home!

Reflecting on the above, in a way I am sort of homeless as well. How indifferent I am to the news, is directly proportional to how far I am from my own home! By coming home – not the physical home but true home of awareness and calm – when I establish myself in this home in myself, I will be more empowered to do something constructive for the physically homeless better!

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