sky's the limit

The sky in general is a beautiful thing, the biggest canvas in the world with the most unlimited colors! And best part is… its free – available 24 hours a day! All we need to do is take time to look 🙂

Try this experiment…

Stare blankly at the sky (not towards the sun but somewhere else) esp at morning or evening times.

Few people I’ve asked so far to try this, becaue it does sound a bit crazy… after all it is a bit odd to just stare at the sky like that. Once a close friend and myself were sitting on a park bench staring at the sky and it did invite stares of people who were passing by 😉 who looked up themselves to see if there was some mid-flight collision or UFO to be seen, so you are warned!

Its just the sky… nothing more to it. But wait… take a few more minutes… do you notice anything?

If you saw what I saw, and the people whom I’d suggested it to so far, then you’ll know it cannot be photographed. If you didn’t notice anything unusual, then just ignore this post.

Other than metaphysical explanations of energy etc [which are too vague and abstract to be described] I’ve not come across a simpler one so far… if anybody has any please let me know.

3 Responses to “sky's the limit”

  1. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    this is one of my fav. pastimes….nice to know u have it too! i stare at the clouds and the formations in the sky and see some faces, some objects and get crazy ideas. viewing for a long time brings lots of hidden memories. i have felt that seeing the sky and the sea are very productive and very refreshing to one self. the former is easier to do.

  2. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    pics are great. specially the first from right. were these taken in malleswaram? not that it matters, just curious…

  3. msanjay Says:

    Those were interesting observations – and esp wrt sky/sea, maybe their expansiveness reminds us of our own smallness. That’s a kind of relief actually, to once in a way be reminded that in a way (not an absolute statement) we’re not as important as we consider ourselves to be 🙂

    But wrt seeing things in the sky, I wasn’t referring to any imagination but something that one can actually see. Maybe next time we meet I can explain in person.

    First picture is somewhere on the way towards Chikmagalur. Next two are from UK – one is taken in a Slimbridge bird sanctuary, second one is in another city I can’t remember the name – just another city – something I just visited over a weekend to find out what was there.

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