molting process

If we consider a snake, over time, it gets a new skin, and its old skin dies. Its not easy for the snake to get rid of the old skin. It has to wriggle through rocks and narrow spaces and put in considerable effort to get rid of the old skin. Its quite uncomfortable – a biological process called molting.

If the snake’s skin is a metaphor for the habit patterns of our mind, a human being may hardly ever molt. One gets so comfortable with the old skin i.e. old ways of thinking, old guilts, old grudges or prejudices and opinions. One is pretty averse to go through the effort of getting rid of any of them! One can go on for years with the same layers after layers of dead ‘skin’. One unknowingly consider the dead skin as an alive part of oneself! Yeah there is a certain sluggishness and stress involved in going around in it. But its so damn nice and warm to snuggle in!

It feels good enough, there is no need to shed it: I’ve been somehow and very successfully been managing to move around in it. In fact in the world’s eyes I could probably claim to be a somewhat accomplished person. But only I know how much my success is steeped in mediocrity and compromise.

As an after affect of having getting rid of even a bit of dead skin, one felt an immense sense of relief of many burdens that one may not even have known one had been carrying!

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  1. msanjay Says:

    I wrote the note as a euphoric celebration! And though I could not access the net over the weekend, I’ve consistently feel that a tremendous positive effect of the note. Past couple of days, every time I catch myself doing something that I wished had been different, I just have to recall my note “oh that fellow is finished!” and NOW, I’m free to recreate myself! I become an empty canvas where I’m the artist free to paint a brand new painting!

  2. mohan Says:


    So many people dont even know the skin exists!!! They call it habits and even enforce it on next generation

    good one.


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