strange case of jekyl and hyde may not be so strange after all

The 2nd photo in the SI series of 2007 – the one of Serena Williams really caught my attention. I searched for other pictures/her background on the net and was surprised to know she’s actually a model. This photo shows an instant of truth – call me pessimistic/cynical, but it kind of shows a brutal savage element in her (Mr. Hyde) that’s true of basic human nature but seems to be highlighted in this photo. This can also be seen in candid
camera kind of programmes where the hidden violence in even ordinary people emerges in certain circumstances

Long ago, a a kid was crying and I instantly showed him using my mobile’s camera how he looked when he was crying, and he
could laugh! Sometimes photography can really help a person see himself which otherwise they wouldn’t accept at all even to themselves. Recently during the holidays I took a picture of my aunt who looking morose (but if you were to ask her, she’d say – no no nothing!) and when she saw it she said “I can’t believe I look so sad!” Of course this could work in two ways – she might become better at putting up a nice face (or mask) to others. Or she might realise that she has inadvertently been very unhappy (for whatever reasons) and might consider becoming happier! (My hope was of course the latter, but finally its her choice 😉 After all, misery has the ‘advantage’ of attracting attention 😉

Its quite incredible how we ourselves can have a completely different contradictory mode of thinking when we’re in a different mood (when we’re Mr Hyde) , that we can hardly believe its the same person (when we get back to Dr. Jekyl mode!) 🙂

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