the amazing American illusionist

I happened to see this TV program that Rakesh had been talking about – this chap who walks around on the street casually chatting with any passers-by he encounters, and performing the most astounding magic tricks.

At one time he burns off a hole in his tshirt to reveal the tatoo of the girlfriend of the stranger he just met. Another time, he asks someone to select a card that he dosen’t see and asks that person to put it back, then he tosses the whole deck into the air and all the cards land, then he asks someone to tear open a basketball lying around, and incredibly enough, they find that particular card INSIDE it! It was all simply incredible – simply inexplicable and far beyond any magic tricks I’ve ever seen – my mom loved it too.

He was also kept inside an ice block for 3 days at the end of which he was really blown, but managed to survive.

He said some things that were really amazing.

Eg someone asks Why do all this? He says something like “I want to show people there’s more to life than the obvious”. He also said “I want to go beyond all known limits”.

Here are some other things he said…

“We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe. We are stronger and more resourceful than we know, and we can endure much more than we think we can.”

“I think pain is easiest to avoid by filling the days with distractions – I wish to remove everything to search for a truth. “

Rakesh sent me this video clip page – its pretty bizarre I tell you, in an NBC talk show – he pulls his heart out! If you have the stomach to watch this, then don’t miss the reaction of the poor talk host…

Very impressive, but for the skeptics there are some reports on how he does these street tricks…

i saw this hilarious outtake footage where he [messes] up a whole lot…he would
[mess] up each trick about 5 times on the street, but they edit it all out.”

source: Google answers: How does David Blane appear to…

A discussion board on the heart trick

There’s this link there on psychic “surgery”

Many patients are afraid to admit they’ve been defrauded because that would imply that they lack true faith.

Yet another case of the emperor’s new clothes

I remember the massive crowd that had turned up with this psychic surgeon from some Japanese origin I think, had turned up in Bangalore. They even showed him on TV, performing surgery without knives, removing some blood and yucky “bad” things out, cleaning up everything and then declaring the operation over and the patient cured. Even someone I knew closely went, paying a large amount of money to solve his kidney problem. I asked him later how it had gone, he sent he’d “felt” something going on and something being removed – he wasn’t really sure what had happened. [Eventually ended up going for a kidney transplant later 🙁 ]. As for the “surgeon”, there were reports that too many people like politicians with “negative vibrations” had come to him and his power had weakened, and then he suddenly disappeared without a trace! Hmm why was I not surprised…

Actually I’d forgotten the name earlier and had asked Rakesh to remind me, and here’s his reply…

I am waiting for the weekly status meeting to start and am plain bored and hence this song. I guess boredom is the mother of perverted creativity.

Style of reading:-
The following content is not be read but to be sung in the style of rapper Eminem.

His name is David Blaine,
and his tricks make me go insane,
he makes a card fly through the window pane, he can sit in an ice block and endure all the pain, big objects will disappear like the train,

His name is David Blaine,
His name is David Blaine,

most of the tricks he performs in the next lane, he has followers who will form a big chain, on a hot day he can bring down the rain, he levitates from the ground as if lifted by a crane, he does the tricks without strain, kids from his tricks should refrain,

His name is David Blaine,
His name is David Blaine,

he has the personality of Michael Caine, and the slender body of a great dane, he can fast for 40 days like a jain, and he does nothing for gain, my meeting will start and all the effort has gone in vain

His name is David Blaine,
His name is David Blaine…
and his tricks make me go insane…

3 Responses to “the amazing American illusionist”

  1. hpn Says:

    I’ve watched the programme on AXN, too. Some of his tricks are disgusting lot. But there are couple of magicians who do some incredible tricks over here, in India, as well.

    The ‘tearing out the heart’ is totally disgusting, though; a bizarre thing, for sure. “kids from his tricks should refrain” should be strictly ensured, ‘cos of its implications on young minds that can’t really decide on the truth.

    The poem is very nice 🙂

  2. msanjay Says:

    Yeah seen some pretty good magicians in India as well… would love to see magicians who walk through the street as common men, talking to strangers and doing tricks just to surprise them, wanting nothing in return 😀

    Wrt kids should refrain – I think that kids have far more things to refrain from anyway, given the openness of various media like TV, movies and now the internet. What about the idiot who jumped off the roof after seeing Shaktimaan (the desi version of Superman, the irony being it was supposed to be an educational thing teaching kids moral values and all!)

    Ultimately there’s nothing parents can do to restrict such things 24 hours a day… So instead of teaching 1000s of things not to do, they would be better off doing only one thing – give a kid his space – facilitate the kid’s development of his own *common sense* 🙂

    Btw Rakesh insists its a rap song.

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