there are eyes everywhere!

There are eyes everywhere

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> So be careful.
> A jumping spider hiding under a leaf watching, waiting ….

Posting some comments I’d made last month on this spine-chilling picture posted by my friend Mr. Bird Brain


After I recovered from being stunned, mesmerise, perplexed and terrified after seeing this picture, I simply had to figure it out so…

I’d never known that Spiders usually have eight eyes.


Spiders usually have eight eyes (some have 6 or fewer), but few have good eyesight. Most are able to detect little more than light-dark intensity changes and rapid movement – enough to stimulate nocturnal web building, hunting or wandering activities, as well as to allow rapid reactions against daytime predators (e.g., by dropping from webs).



When Earthmaker had completed his creation of the world, he looked for a creature … blah blah blah…

Then Earthmaker appointed Spider to watch over the world. Spider was without any passion, so no one feared her. Her voice was so small that only Earthmaker himself could hear her. Because she could climb, Spider was able to see far and wide. In the beginning, Spider had only two eyes like everyone else, but just to make sure that she could see everywhere, Earthmaker gave her six new eyes, one eye for each direction. Ever since, spiders have had eight eyes. [1]


what did the spider teacher tell the pupils…

“don’t make any galaaTe, I have eyes behind my head!”

galaaTe = noise (Kannada)


The eyes of truth lyrics from Enigma… if someone every understands what they mean pls let me know 🙂 but maybe if an explanation existed they wouldn’tve called themselves Enigma 🙂

The eyes of truth
Are always watching you.
Mongolian chant translation
Alsyn gazryn zeregleenn
Aduu shig mal shig torolzonoo khuoo
In the distance the mirage stands out like
Horses and cattle.
Very glad to see my beloved son.

— sandras whispers —

Je me regarde
Je me sens
Je vois des enfants
Je suis enfant !
I look at myself
I feel myself
I see the children
I am a child! )


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  1. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    Imagine if humans , especially INVIGILATORS had 8 eyes….

  2. msanjay Says:

    heh heh then students might copy using the eyes behind the head! :mrgreen:

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