year 2006 – some retrospective questions

As literate and educated people, we’re all already very knowledable in so many areas, having read many books, attended different kinds of programs, having many different kinds of experiences. Of whatever’s left, there’s almost nothing that google may not unearth (though some may disagree 😉 )!

So it will be very hard to consider any concept as new, but instead one will strongly tend to thing it to something one already knows.

A lot of the time, we feel very secure in some or the other philosophy. For example – we’ve already found everything we need to know, everything is pre-destined and nothing is in our hands, just be simple and enjoy life, or just be hardworking and dedicated and that’s all is needed, and so on. These concepts of course work, but then we may develop so much of attachment to some or the other such idea, that we want to stick on to them, rarely
wanting to venture further beyond them.

Question 1:

So, irrespective of all of one’s knowledge, beliefs and convictions, can one still honestly acknowledge to oneself that one is even now capable of learning something new towards being a better human being?


Better human could include any simple thing: a better father to one’s kids, a better spouse to one’s spouse, a better son/daughter to one’s parents, a better neighbour, a better employee to one’s organisation, a better peer or manager to my colleagues, a more sincere friend to my friends, a more contributive member to the society, and so on.

Not better than some other guy, but better than oneself.

The immediate answer may be an idealistic yes, but its not as simple as that. Because as we grow older, we find it more and more difficult to learn new ideas. We’re more and more convinced that within all our different constraints, we’re already more or less leading our life in the best possible way, and we’re too busy to do anything more than that.


Question 2:

Is the drive towards becoming a better human more than an intermittent, mild interest – is it strong enough to for one to wholeheartedly commit to work with every element of one’s being, taking on full responsibility, this task of one’s own individual upliftment?


The answers are yes, and if the answers are not forgotten, but remembered, and not remembered as a habit but remembered with a fresh perspective as if its the first time we’ve every come across this question… and are answering yes – every day, then I believe that that volition will automatically pull one into a life of perpetual wonder and learning! 🙂

3 Responses to “year 2006 – some retrospective questions”

  1. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    It is true that unlearning already learnt things is very difficult. But it is not impossible. As you told, we must think we’re doing it for the first time and have an open mind.

    I feel unless we satisfy our thirst to become BETTER, we are bound to experience frustration, dissatisfaction, and regret. Conversely, when we consistently work on improving ourselves, we feel fulfilled, so a self-improvement regimen is in our best interest.

  2. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    Forgot to tell. Loved reading this post. Feeling really nice and fresh at the beginning of 2007’s first weekend!
    Thanks Sanju and keep giving such gems more often.

  3. msanjay Says:

    very nicely put about fulfilment Bellur.

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